Ravelle Nelson

Ravelle Nelson Team ABC Boulder Hueco Tanks, Texas

Ravelle Nelson

Born: 2001

First Climbed: Around age 2, climbing up door jams, poles, people and the backs of chairs

Climbing Regularly Since: Age 7

Joined Competition Team ABC: Summer 2009

Height (as of July 2012): 4’7″

Ape Index (as of July 2012): +1.5″

Ravelle showing off her bat hang skills at the new ABC Facility in Boulder

Favorite Outdoor Areas:

Hueco Tanks, Texas

Favorite Problems: V5 at City Rock Gym in Colorado Springs

Proudest Achievements:

This Is Your Brain On Drugs (V9) Hueco Tanks, Texas

Leading 5.12+ at Movement Gym in Boulder

Best Comp Results:

6th 2012 SCS Youth Nationals

6th 2012 ABS Youth Bouldering Nationals

10th at 2011 ABS Youth Bouldering Nationals

3rd 2012 SCS Divisionals

Ravelle representing for ABC at Nationals, 2010

Other Sports/Activities: Circus, Martial Arts (To-Shin Do), Gymnastics, Horseback Riding

Favorite Subject in School: Woodworking

Future Goals: To be on USA Climbing Team, to be able to do the splits

Ravelle using some tricky beta at ABS Divisionals 2012 at The Bloc in Tuscon


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Ravelle’s Favorite Climbing Shoes

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