Michael Bartley


Michael Bartley 

Born: 1996

First Climbed: Age 5

Climbing Regularly Since: Age 14

Joined Competition Team ABC: September 2012

Height (as of Feb 2013): 6′

Ape Index (as of Feb 2013):  0

desperate_house_boys michael bartley

Favorite Outdoor Areas:

Lincoln lake, Wild Basin, Chaos Canyon, Joes Valley, Hueco Tanks

Favorite Routes/Problems:

Captain Hook, Tomahawk, The Kind, Storm Shadow, Tommy’s Arete, Brand New Religion, A1 V1, Resonated, Playmate of the Year, Nerve Extension, The Maiden, Hobbit in a Blender, Honey Badger

Proudest Climbing Moments:

My 1st  V8, I had been climbing for a little over a year,  and had climbed one V6 outside,. I

skipped a grade and climbed a Herms Problem and sended on the 1st day. I was psyched.

Mirkwood michael bartley

Other Activities:


Favorite Subjects in School:


Future Goals:

Travel the world, meet new people, and climb hard boulders

Michael’s Favorite Shoes

5.10 Dragon

Michael’s Videos

wolvo - michael bartley


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