Megan Mascarenas

Megan on The Dali at Mount Evans, Colorado | Summer 2011

Megan Mascarenas

Born: October 1997

Climbing Regularly Since: 1999 (age 2)

Joined Competition Team ABC: 2010

Height (as of December 2011): 5’3″

Ape Index (as of December 2011): +2.5″

Favorite Outdoor Area: Mount Evans

Favorite Problem: Crown of Aragon

(Megan tried Crown over a short trip to Hueco in November of 2011, quickly sent the V8/9 Better Eat Your Wheaties that makes up the top, and did all the difficult moves on the bottom of this V13 testpiece.)

Proudest Ascent: Mirror Mask

Megan sending her first V11  |  Mirror Mask Low  |  Mount Evans, Colorado  |  Summer 2011

Best Comp Results:

1st in Bouldering and Sport at Continental Championships

1st at 2011 Yank n’ Yard Adult Pro Open

SBS 7 Series Champion – 1st in Pro Finals at all four SBS 7 Series comps — The Gun Show, Psychedelia, Highball/Highline, and the Gladiator Finals Competitions

Megan winning the Open Final at the SBS 7 Highball Highline Competition

Favorite Subject in School: Geometry!

Future Goals: Become a doctor, climb V13, and go to a World Cup of Bouldering

Other Sports/Activities: Training dogs, meowing


Megan’s Best Buddies


Other Gyms Megan Enjoys


Megan’s Sponsors


Megan’s Favorite Climbing Shoes

Mad Rock Demon 2


Megan’s Links

Mirror Mask (V10/11) – Deadpoint Magazine

Megan’s card

2011 Yank-N-Yard | Climbing Narcissist

Kids Crush at Jibs Comp – Deadpoint Magazine

12-year old rock climber wants to climb to new heights | 2010  |  with video  |

Twelve-Year-Old Megan Mascarenas Wins Buena Vista Bouldering Competition | 2010

Megan sending Public Execution (V10) Mount Evans, Colorado


Megan’s Videos



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