Luke Davison 

Luke Davison

Born: 2002

First Climbed: Age 9

Climbing Regularly Since: Age 9

On ABC Since: Spring 2014

Height (as of September 2014): 5’4″

Ape Index (as of September 2014): +1″

late day

Favorite Outdoor Areas: Rifle, CO & Flagstaff – Boulder, CO

Favorite Routes: Drunken Monkey in Rifle & Excalibur at The Pit in Flagstaff, AZ 

Favorite Boulder Problem: Flesh Fest



Best Comp Results: ABS 14 Nationals – 8th

Other Activities: Parkour, Tramping, Biking, Skiing

Favorite Subject in School: Math & Social Studies

Future Goals: Climb The Nose, Get top 10 in World’s & send a V15


Luke’s Favorite Shoes


La Sportiva Futura
La Sportiva Futura

Luke’s Sponsors






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