Cody Umberto Stevenson





Cody Umberto Stevenson

Born: July 2003

First Climbed: Age 2  1/2

Climbing Regularly Since: Age 2  1/2

On ABC Since: 2012

Height (as of August 2014): 5’2″

Ape Index (as of August 2014): +1″

cody4 cody3 cody6


Favorite Outdoor Areas:

Moab, UT

Joshua Tree, CA

Rumney, NH

Hueco Tanks, TX

Rocky Mountain National Park, CO

Stoney Point, CA

Indian Peaks Wilderness, CO

Favorite Route Style: Slab & Crimps

Favorite Boulder Problems: Kind; Prow Vow; Kodas Corner; Crystal Ball Mantel 

Best Comp Results:

7th – ABS 15 Youth Nationals

15th – Sport; 10th – Speed SCS 2014 Youth Nationals

11th  – Sport; 12th- Speed SCS 2013 Youth Nationals

2nd – Young Guns Dark Horse Dec. 2013

2nd – 2014 Go Pro Games

1st  – 2013 Go Pro Games


This is Your Brain on Drug - Hueco V9
This is Your Brain on Drug – Hueco V9

Other Activities: Swimming, Biking, Lego Building, Golf; Scuba

Favorite Subject in School: P.E

Future Goals:

To be a National Champion

Climb in Switzerland before I am 12

To send a climb together with 3 generations of my family – my great uncle; my mom & me

cody2 cody


Cody’s Favorite Shoes


La Sportiva Futura
La Sportiva Futura

Cody’s Sponsors



Cody’s Videos

Rumney - summer 2013
Rumney – summer 2013


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