Brooke Raboutou

Brooke climbing Bad Attitude (8a+/13c) in France  | Age 10  |   Summer 2011  |  photo Adam Brink

Brooke Raboutou

Born: April 2001

First Climbed: Age 1

Climbing Regularly Since: Age 4 or 5

Joined Competition Team ABC: The beginning ~2005

Height (as of December 2011): 4’5″

Ape Index (as of December 2011): +1

Favorite Outdoor Areas: Hueco, Red River Gorge, Joe’s Valley, Rodellar, Spain, and St. Antonin, France

Favorite Problem: Scrawny and Brawny (V10) Joe’s Valley, Utah

(Brooke began trying this problem and got very psyched. Night fell but her coach Garrett Gregor pulled out a headlamp and told her she had all the time in the world. She sent shortly thereafter.)

Favorite Routes:

Swingline (13d) Red River Gorge, Kentucky

God’s Own Stone (14a) Red River Gorge, Kentucky

Welcome To Tijuana (14b) Rodellar, Spain

Brooke finishing off Dead Serious (V10) in Hueco | November 2011 | photo Shawn Raboutou

Best Comp Result:

1st in Lead Female Youth D Arco, Italy 2010

Other Sports: Basketball

Favorite Subject in School: Math/Algebra

Future Goals: Send a V14 and a 5.14c/8c+

Brooke just after sending her first 14a, God’s Own Stone, in Kentucky


Brooke’s Sponsors


Brooke’s Favorite Shoes

Women’s Miura VS


Brooke’s Links

Starke Kinder im Klettersport bei – Steckbrief: Brooke Raboutou (11 Jahre)

Brooke Raboutou, 8c at a mere 11 years of age –  |  July 2012

Brooke Raboutou Climbs 5.14b | News from the Field |  |  July 2012

Brooke Raboutou: Welcome to Tijuana (5.14b) – Deadpoint Magazine  |  July 2012

Brooke Raboutou: Youngest Ascent of 5.14b  |  Climbing Magazine  |  July 2012

Amazing: Brooke Raboutou is youngest ever to climb 8c | ROCK and ICE Magazine  |  July 2012

Youth! Brooke Raboutou, 10, sends 14a God’s Own Stone  | ROCK and ICE Magazine  |  March 2012

Brooke Raboutou, age 10, sends her first 14a and becomes the youngest female ever to send the grade!  March 2012 « Team ABC Boulder

Raboutou Family Blog

Brooke Raboutou: All in the Family  |  Deadpoint Magazine

Raboutou Family is at it Again!  |  Deadpoint Magazine Summer 2011

Raboutou’s Summer Wrap-Up  |  Deadpoint Magazine Summer 2011 Forum Topic: Raboutou family strikes again (Bad Attitude)

Climbfind Heroes – Youth Climbing Article #1 – How Many Sports? – With Eric Hörst  |  Fall 2011

UP-CLIMBING: Young talents in action – Lorenzo Malatesta in Varazze, Raboutous at Hueco  |  2010

“What I Did on the Holidays”—Raboutou kids tear it up in the Red | Spring 2011  |  Rock and

10-year-old Brooke Raboutou sends first 8A, Une Pointe de Bleau dans un Hueco, in Hueco Tanks  |  November 2011

STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: Brooke Raboutou – Boulder Daily Camera  |  February 2011


Brooke’s Videos

The above segment is from The Fanatic Search 2 – A Girl Thing by French climber and filmmaker Laurent Triay. Please check out his website for more on this film and his other projects.


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11 thoughts on “Brooke Raboutou

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    […] To see Brooke’s personal profile, click here –> Brooke Raboutou « Team ABC Boulder […]

    […] same time she began walking and their house resembles a rock climbing gym. Brooke is now part of Team ABC and her mother is her rock climbing […]

    […] With former world champion climbers for parents, Brooke’s pedigree is unmistakeable, but her raw talent – not to mention her exceptionally strong fingers and her ability to pretzel her body into positions no other climber can manage – is mind-blowing. Check out Brooke’s website and competitive info here. […]

    […] celebration of Mother’s Day, we had the honor of interviewing Robyn Erbesfield-Raboutou and Brooke Raboutou. Talking with the Raboutou duo it is obvious that mother and daughter share a mutual love, respect, […]

    Logan said:
    October 6, 2014 at 4:20 am

    Fantastic and so inspiring…Brooke, thank you for being a future Mom on a Mission and showing girls how strong and powerful they can be! #GirlPower 🙂

    Evie Robson said:
    November 26, 2014 at 2:40 am

    So insaprational and experenced i wish i was like you#climbing and boldering rules

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