Anna Von Dungen


Anna Von Dungen

Born: 2005

First Climbed: 2 years old

Climbing Regularly Since: August 2011 (age 6)

On ABC Since: Climbing with ABC starting August 2011, on Advanced Team since January 2012

Height (as of Oct 2013): 50 1/2″

Ape Index: 0″

Anna at Psychedelia 2013
Anna at Psychedelia 2013

Favorite Gyms: New ABC Gym

Favorite Outdoor Areas: Red Rocks, Las Vegas

Favorite Route: Monkey Traverse, Flagstaff

Proudest Climbing Moment: All of them 

Best Comp Results: 1st Place ABS 15 Local at ABC (Youth E), 3rd Place ABS 15 Local at the Spot

Other Activities: Gymnastics

Favorite Subject in School: Math

Future Goals: To make Nationals


Anna’s Favorite Climbing Shoes

La Sportiva Solution

La Sportiva Solution


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