ABC Boulder Elite Team


Head Coach: Robyn Raboutou

aka Team America’s Best Climbers, is an elite competition team of kids who are learning indoors and on the rocks to enjoy climbing and treat themselves and others with respect.

These athletes work on body awareness (proprioception), core strength and flexibility in order to perform their best in competitions including Nationals and Worlds. Repetition, perfection and refining of current skills gives the athletes the opportunity to excel at the topmost level.

All ABC athletes at this level are taught how to work with sponsors, how to conduct themselves as sponsored athletes and how to work with the media.

Professional athletes will guest coach the Elite Team throughout the year. In addition, a variety of free clinics are offered to ABC Elite Team athletes on a regular basis.

The European method if injury prevention known as Bio Mechanics is a regular part of training. Former French Climbing Champion Didier Raboutou,  a world’s leading expert in mental preparation for young climbers, will work directly with the ABC Elite Team on cultivating the mental edge in climbing.

The ABC Elite Team competes in seven or eight events per season within the US. ABC Elite Team athletes over the age of 14 will have the opportunity to earn a place on the US Junior World Team.

The ABC Boulder Elite Team is sponsored by all of the companies listed in the right sidebar of this page.

ABC Elite Team athletes will train at partner gyms regularly including  The Spot, Earthtreks, CATS and other local gyms. A membership to ABC Kids Climbing is included and is exclusive to kids on an ABC team.

Our Elite Team athletes and their families are dedicated to climbing and to the ABC program.

Ages: 8 – 19

Cost  :  $1200/quarter  (Fall/Winter/Spring), $900 (Summer)


2014-2015 Elite Team Training Schedule

Elite Team meets 3 days a week, days depend on age and ability.

Elite athletes are required to participate in 2 -1 hour private coaching sessions during the Fall, Winter & Spring quarters.

Monday  :  6:00 – 9:00 PM

Wednesday  : 6:00 pm -9:00 PM

Tuesday and Thursday  :  5:30  – 8:30 PM

Friday  :  4:00 – 7:00 PM

2014-2015 Elite Team Roster


Anna VonDungen

Campbell Sarinopolous

Lydia Dolan


Ashely Fisher

Bella Weksler

Cody Stevenson

Colin Duffy

Corrine Otterness

Ella VonDungen

Liam O’Brien

Luke Davison

Mia Manson

Phoebe Dolan


Ari Alpert

Ariana O’Brien

Brooke Raboutou

Joe Goodacre

Kyle Fridberg

Lillian Friefeld

Mateo Gallegos

Ravelle Nelson

Stella Noble


Brian Huang

Isabella Goodacre

Margo Hayes

Shawn Raboutou

Simon Hibbeler

Timmy Dolan


Austin Lankford

Megan Mascarenas

Pierce McCrerey

Remi Arata

Stefan Lavendar


To learn more about each Team ABC Boulder Elite Athlete, use the drop down menus at the top of the page or search an athlete’s name using the “find something” box at the top of any page.

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