ABC Boulder Advanced Team

Team ABC Boulder Advanced Team

Head Coach: Adam Brink

Advanced Team kids start working on and honing specific skills. On the Advanced Team, kids will make the mental and physical transition from “climbers” to “athletes-in-training”. The Advanced Team athletes work on strength, flexibility, and teamwork as well as the beginning of leadership training. This level of athleticism prepares kids to become future competitive athletes. The European Method of Bio-Mechanics will be incorporated into the Advanced Team’s training regimen. Advanced athletes also benefit from specific-to-climbing stretching, conditioning, and yoga. Work on mental preparation also begins in ernest at this level with former French Climbing Champion and the world’s leading expert in mental preparation for young climbers, Coach Didier Raboutou. The ABC Advanced Team will benefit from guest coaches including professional climbers and kids from the ABC Elite and Advanced Plus teams.

ABC Advanced athletes have a lot of fun in a supportive environment, but they take their climbing more seriously. Athletes are not obliged to compete to be on this team, but they may choose to compete in local and friendly competitions.

A membership to ABC Kids Climbing is included and is exclusive to kids on an ABC team.

Ages: 7 – 19

Cost: $530/quarter (2 days/wk) or $700/quarter (3 days/wk)


2014- 2015 Advanced Team Training Schedule

Monday and Wednesday  :  4-6 pm


Saturday  :  10 am – 12 pm


2014- 2015 Advanced Team Roster

Adeline Foot

Amelia DiGiano

Ari Bent

Ben Gibson

Eli Watson

Finn McDaniel

Izak Rothkilde

Jack Esrey

Jocelyn Bennett

Layla Esrey

Lola Dettling

Luke Leiden

Madeleine Nagle

Max King

Reece Medler

To learn more about individual athletes use the drop-down menus or search with the “find something” bar at the top of this page.

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