ABC Boulder Advanced Plus Team

Team ABC Boulder Advanced Plus Team

Head Coach: Garrett Gregor

Advanced Plus Team athletes work on strength, flexibility and correct technique of basic climbing skills.  On this level, special emphasis is placed on perfecting and refining basic skills and perfecting the skills the athletes will need at the Regionals and Divisionals. Leadership skills as well as learning how to receive and be responsible for sponsorships begins at this level. Poise, grace, agility and determination are strong components of the Advanced Plus Team. Professional climbers will guest coach throughout the year and the European injury prevention method of Bio-Mechanics is a regular part of training

Advanced Plus Team members are encouraged to compete in five or six events per season within our state. Athletes may be asked to travel outside of the state for Divisionals and other competitions when appropriate.

A membership to ABC Kids Climbing is included and is exclusive to youth athletes on an ABC team.

Ages: 7 – 19

Cost: $900/quarter


2014-2015 Advanced Plus Team Training

Tuesday and Thursday  :  4:30 – 7:30 pm

Saturday  :  10 am – 1 pm

2014-2015 Advanced Plus Team Roster

Alex Williams

Ali Kerschmer

Asa Elterich

Calvin Boasberg

Cate Sarinopolous

Cubby Guggenheim

Evey Weksler

Finn Friday

Grace Reivich

Isabelle Link

Jillian Gerlitz

Kaelyn Harris

Klara Meymaris

Mae Sterner

Margaux D’Amato

Max Kim

Riley Monahan

Sarah Smith

Sienna Kopf

Tyg Guggenheim

Owen Dejohn



2 thoughts on “ABC Boulder Advanced Plus Team

    Gail Fisher said:
    January 12, 2014 at 12:45 am

    Please tell me who to contact in order for me to cancel membership # ID 648643. This is an illness reason, and I do not know who to comtact. Thank you

      Gail Fisher said:
      January 12, 2014 at 8:45 am

      I don’t have a comment, but I also need to cancel my membership with 2014 Travel Plus Team. Can you give me an address or email address in order for me to cancel?
      Thank you.

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