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Team ABC crushes at Psychedelia Comp

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Congrats to all Team ABC athletes and coaches who participated this past weekend in The Spot’s Psychedelia competition. Team ABC won every youth category and took 2nd in seven of the ten youth categories. Nine Team ABC members (including Delaney Miller who is currently training with us)  made it to the finals with Megan Mascarenas winning it all for the females.

Nice job Team ABC!

Remi in action  photo by Aaron Colussi
Remi in action
photo by Aaron Colussi

 Men’s Final Results

 Matty Hong  1st
 Nicholas Milburn  2nd
 Garrett Gregor (ABC Coach)  3rd
 Shawn Raboutou (ABC)  4th
 Remi Arata (ABC)  5th
 Michael O’Rouke  6th
 Brian Huang (ABC)  7th

 Women’s Final Results

 Megan Mascarenas (ABC) 1st
 Tiffany Hensley 2nd
 Alex Puccio (ABC Coach)  3rd
 Nina Williams (ABC Coach)  4th
 Margo Hayes (ABC)  5th
 Delaney Miller  6th
 Courtney Sanders  7th

Click here for complete youth and adult results

Garrett Gregor  photo by Ryan Nadlonek
Garrett Gregor
photo by Ryan Nadlonek

Team ABC Athlete Megan Mascarenas and Coach Garrett Gregor win The Gladiator Finals!

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Megan Mascarenas about to flash the dyno and win the comp!

We are proud and happy to announce that Team ABC athlete Megan Mascarenas flashed her final to complete her four-comp winning streak and make her the uncontested SBS 7 Champion. This means that in the last 4 Spot events Megan has performed at the highest level of any female competitor. Nice job Megan!

Coach Garrett on his flash go.

Garrett Gregor won his first SBS Series Comp by giving a sound flash attempt on the problem that gave him control of a highpoint that was not surpassed by any subsequent competitor. Garrett has made finals several times this season but this was his first win. To read more check out Gladiator Finals Open Final Results! « The Spot Route Setting Blog.

In total Team ABC Boulder had 4 girls and 1 coach in the 12-person open final at The Gladiator Finals at The Spot on Saturday. The Gladiator Finals was the last in the four-comp SBS 7 series that also included The Gun Show, Psychedelia, and the Highline/Highball competition. The other girls who made finals were Laurel Todd, Margo Hayes, and Isabelle Goodacre. All three girls had personal-best Spot redpoint comps by completing 5 O problems including problem O7 during the redpoint round. Laurel and Margo won their categories and Isabelle took 2nd to Margo by 2 falls. In the final the girls climbed in the first 3 positions and ended up placing 4th (Laurel) 5th (Isabelle) and 6th (Margo). Nice job girls!

Many other Team ABC Boulder and ABC for kids athletes climbed in the event. We will post further results and a rundown later this week, but until then here are the unofficial youth results from the Spot website – – please review the results and if you have any questions or contestations please email by Wednesday afternoon.

Team ABC at SBS 7 Highball & Highline Comp!

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Team ABC represented well at the Spot Bouldering Series 7 Highball and Highline Competition on Saturday. Three team members, Megan Mascarenas, Isabelle Goodacre, and Matt Lubar, even earned one of the coveted 6 positions in the Open Finals. Full comp results to follow, but for now here are open results and some pictures.

Megan Mascarenas starting off on her finals problem. Photo by Jay Droeger/The Spot Gym

Megan Mascarenas – 1st place! Qualified in first and flashed her final.

Isabelle Goodacre mid-final. Photo by Jay Droeger/The Spot Gym

Isabelle Goodacre – 4th place (Qualified in 4th, tied on the problem with the 3rd & 5th place girls, so stayed in 4th)

Lubar stepping up with the big boys. Photo by Jay Droeger/The Spot Gym

Matt Lubar – 6th (Qualified in 6th, tied on final with 4th and 5th place finalists, so stayed in 6th).

More results to come soon!  Congratulations to all who competed!