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SCS Nationals Final Results – Three Team ABC athletes crowned National Champions!

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USA Climbing SCS Youth Nationals 2013Team ABC is excited to congratulate Mia Manson, Colin Duffy and Joe Goodacre on their national titles. Mia and Colin are the newly crowned Sport National Champions in the female and male Youth D category.  Joe Goodacre is the youth C male National speed champion.

In addition, three other Team ABC  athletes earned a spot  on the National Team. Stella Noble and Margo Hayes finished second in sport for their categories and Phoebe Dolan finished second in speed in female youth D.

We are proud of all of the Team ABC athletes who participated in the SCS Nationals this past weekend in Atlanta. These athletes exemplify the values of hard work, dedication and sportsmanship. Congratulations!

Here are the final results for all Team ABC participants:


Youth D

MALE – Colin Duffy – 1st; Luke Reivich – 10th; Cody Stevenson – 11th

FEMALE – Mia Manson – 1st; Ella Von Dungen – 12th; Phoebe Dolan – 18th

Youth C

MALE – Joe Goodacre – 8th; Ray McVicker – 24th; Mateo Gallegos – 35th

FEMALE – Stella Noble – 2nd ; Ravelle Nelson – 8th

Youth B

FEMALE – Margo Hayes – 2nd ; Isabelle Goodacre – 6th; Ivy Todd – 22nd

MALE – Timmy Dolan – 8th; Malcolm Oliver – 16th

Youth A

MALE – Remi Arata -11th; Stefan Lavender – 16th


Youth D

MALE – Colin Duffy – 6th; Cody Stevenson – 12th

FEMALE – Phoebe Dolan – 2nd Mia Manson – 3rd; Ella Von Dungen – 24th

Youth C

MALE – Joe Goodacre –1st; Ray McVicker –34th

FEMALE – Ravelle Nelson – 21st

Youth B

FEMALE – Margo Hayes – 29th ; Ivy Todd – 31st

MALE –Malcolm Oliver – 26th ; Timmy Dolan -31st

Youth A

MALE – Remi Arata -32nd

Colin Duffy - Male Youth D National Sport Champion
Colin Duffy – Male Youth D National Sport Champion
Mia Manson - Youth D Sport Champion & Speed National Team Member
Mia Manson – Youth D Sport Champion & Speed National Team Member

Joe Goodacre - Youth C National Speed Champion


ABS 14 Nationals – Final Results + NATIONAL TEAM CHAMPS!!!

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Team ABC Boulder wins 2013 ABS 14 National Team Championship!!!

ABC did not have the most climbers in the event, but overall ABC was the highest-performing team at ABS Nationals. Great job team!

The Results List for Team Championships – ‎www.absnationals.org/08/news/Team%20Results.pdf

Stella Noble ABS 14 Youth Nationals Finals by Page Kuepper
Stella climbing her way to 2nd place

Individual Results

We are very proud of all Team ABC Athletes who competed in the ABS 14 Youth National Championships! Here are Team ABC results from Finals. If they have a NT it means they made the National Bouldering Team:


Female D

Mia Manson 2013 ABS 14 National Champion Team ABC Boulder
National Champ Mia Manson with Alex Johnson

1. Mia Manson – 2013 National Champion!!! NT

2. Phoebe Dolan NT



Male D

3. Colin Duffy  NT

10. Liam O’Brien



Female C

2. Stella Noble  NT

Stella in finals

4. Ariana O’Brien  NT

6. Brooke Raboutou



Male C

5. Joe Goodacre



Female B

2. Margo Hayes  NT

4. Isabelle Goodacre  NT



Male B

3. Shawn Raboutou  NT



Female A

2. Megan Mascarenas  NT

5. Laurel Todd


Laurel Todd Team ABC Boulder 2013 ABS 14 National Championships
Laurel by Tom Condie


Male Junior

7. Michael O’Rourke

Michael O'Rourke Team ABC Boulder 2013 ABS 14 Youth Nationals
Michael O’Rourke

8. Matt Lubar



Great job ABC!!!