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Team ABC crushes at Psychedelia Comp

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Congrats to all Team ABC athletes and coaches who participated this past weekend in The Spot’s Psychedelia competition. Team ABC won every youth category and took 2nd in seven of the ten youth categories. Nine Team ABC members (including Delaney Miller who is currently training with us)  made it to the finals with Megan Mascarenas winning it all for the females.

Nice job Team ABC!

Remi in action  photo by Aaron Colussi
Remi in action
photo by Aaron Colussi

 Men’s Final Results

 Matty Hong  1st
 Nicholas Milburn  2nd
 Garrett Gregor (ABC Coach)  3rd
 Shawn Raboutou (ABC)  4th
 Remi Arata (ABC)  5th
 Michael O’Rouke  6th
 Brian Huang (ABC)  7th

 Women’s Final Results

 Megan Mascarenas (ABC) 1st
 Tiffany Hensley 2nd
 Alex Puccio (ABC Coach)  3rd
 Nina Williams (ABC Coach)  4th
 Margo Hayes (ABC)  5th
 Delaney Miller  6th
 Courtney Sanders  7th

Click here for complete youth and adult results

Garrett Gregor  photo by Ryan Nadlonek
Garrett Gregor
photo by Ryan Nadlonek

1st USAC ABS 15 Local Comp at City Rock

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The weather might make it seem like it is still summer in Colorado…but the 1st ABS 15 competition was held today at City Rock in Colorado Springs.

 Nine Team ABC athletes participated and showed that even early in the season they are ready to crush.

Results and photos below.

Youth D

Ella Von Dungen – 1st; Kaelyn Harris – 2nd

Colin Duffy – 1st; Cody Stevenson – 2nd

Ella - A6
Ella – A6
Colin - A7
Colin – A7
Cody - 02
Cody – 02

Youth C

Corrine Otterness – 2nd; Jasmine Mosberger – 3rd; Bella Weksler – 4th

Bella - I3
Bella – I6
Corrine -A4
Corrine -A4
Jasmine - I3
Jasmine – I3

Youth A

Megan Mascarenas – 1st; Margo Hayes – 2nd

Margo - O2
Margo – O2

ABS 14 Open (Adult) Nationals Final Results

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Garrett on Men's Open Final 2
Garrett using good technique on Men’s Open Final 2

We are extremely proud to share that both Coach Garrett Gregor and Elite Team Athlete Megan Mascarenas earned 4th place finishes at ABS 14 Open Nationals! This means Garrett and Megan are both on the US National Team!!!

Megan flashing W Q 3
Megan flashing Women’s Qualifier 3

This was Megan’s first-ever adult Nationals and Garrett’s highest Nationals placing ever.


Great job Megan!


Great job Garrett! 


You can see full results from the comp here – ABS Nationals Homepage

And see an album of event photos from Page Kuepper here – ABS NATIONALS FINALS

Women’s final rundown and more comp info here – ABS 14 Nationals – Media Links | The Spot Route Setting Blog


Thanks again to USA Climbing for throwing another great event.

We are looking forward to Youth Nationals next weekend.

Go Team ABC!!!

ABS 14 Open (Adult) Nationals 2013 Quali Results

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Women’s Qualifiers. Starting from right, you can see Women’s 1-4 out of 5 qualifier problems.  |  Photo by USA Climbing

Several Team ABC coaches, athletes, and friends competed in the qualifying round of ABS 14 Adult Open Nationals in Colorado Springs yesterday. We are proud to say that Megan Mascarenas, Garrett Gregor, Michael O’Rourke, and Rob D’Anastasio will be advancing to Semifinals today. Matt Lubar gave a good run, ending up in a heartbreaking 21st place, making him first out of Semis. Next year Matt!

We are also excited to watch our friends Daniel Woods, Paul Robinson, Josh Levin, Sierra Blair-Coyle, Matty Hong, and all the other great athletes who will be competing today!


Here are the ABC results from Qualifiers. 40 women and 77 men competed. Top 22 women and 20 men qualified for semis (they took more women because of ties):


Megan Mascarenas Team ABC Boulder ABS Adult Nationals 2013
Megan just flashed qualifier 2

1. Megan Mascarenas!!!  – Megan was the only competitor to top all 5 qualis!

24. Laurel Todd



Garrett Gregor ABS 14 Nationals Team ABC Boulder
Garrett looking strong as he climbs Men’s Q 4

4. Michael O’Rourke – 5 tops, 8 attempts

5. Rob D – 5 tops, 9 attempts

15. Garrett – 4 tops, 63 points

21. Matt Lubar – 3 tops, 59 points

47. Stefan Lavender – 1 top, 52 points

53. Austin Lankford – 1 top, 46 points

57. Remi Arata – 1 top, 43 points

60. Nick Lyon – 1 top, 41 points


Women’s Qualifier Full Results

Women’s Semifinals Running Order (top 22 qualifiers in reverse order)


Men’s Qualifier Full Results

Men’s Semifinals Running Order (top 20 qualifiers in reverse order)


Watch Semifinals Live starting at 11 am – ABS14 National Championships Semis Live Feed

Big News for ABC Athlete Megan Mascarenas!

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Megan in Red Rocks by Austin Geiman
Megan in Red Rocks by Austin Geiman

Team ABC Elite Athlete Megan Mascarenas has flashed a V10 (Scare Tactics in Red Rocks, Nevada), finished her long-term Ute Pass project Gusher (V11) and climbed Show of Hands (V11) in Moe’s Valley.

Screen Shot 2013-01-07 at 4.47.52 PM

Nice job Megan for these fantastic sends! Here are some videos:

The Gusher v11 mjclimbing – YouTube

Moe’s Valley Boulders (V9, V11, V13) | CrimpVids

Yank n’ Yard 2012 Video

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Here is a short edit of the 2012 Yank n’ Yard at Stone Age Climbing Gym in New Mexico. Team ABC Elite athletes Michael O’Rourke and Megan Mascarenas won the Men’s and Women’s Open.

Bierstadt (V10) for Megan Mascarenas

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Nice job Megan!!!

Megan has finally laid her multi-year project to rest by sending Bierstadt (V10) at Area A, Mount Evans, Colorado. Here’s the video. Nice job Megan!!!