Garrett Gregor

Garrett Gregor

Garrett Gregor grew up climbing in Southern California. He started in 2000, at the age of 14, and in 2002 he became a routesetter at his home gym–Hangar 18 in Upland, California. Two years later he became a regular competitor on the adult pro circuit and competed in several national competitions including ABS Nationals and the Mammut Bouldering Championships. In 2009 and 2011 Garrett represented Team USA at the Bouldering World Cup in Vail.

Garrett is only 5’5.5″, making him one of, if not the, shortest adult male competitor at most competitions he enters, and his ape index is +1.5″–helpful, but still making him only able to reach 5’7″. Though he is very strong and has climbed up to V13 outside, Garrett has never won a large competition. Garrett has always been a notable competitor, as he is extremely technically proficient and would often be the first competitor or one of the only competitors in the field to do a tricky dyno or strange technical move. His height and technical ability make him a great coach and setter, especially for young kids as he can understand what it is like to not be able to reach and he has also developed many strengths and techniques to cope with his own height disadvantage. For one example, check out this short video below:

When Garrett lived in Southern California he also began working for his local hold company–Climb-It Holds–and in 2009 he moved to Boulder where he continued helping Climb-It and also began setting at The Spot Gym.  In September of 2010 he began coaching for Team ABC, and in 2012 he will set for his first ABS Junior Nationals.

Garrett at the Hueco Rock Rodeo | Photo by and property of Merrick Ales


Garrett’s Stats

Born: November 3, 1986

Climbing Regularly Since: 2000

Coaching ABC Since: September 2010

Height: 5’5.5″

Ape Index: +1’5″

Weight: ~ 150 lbs

Favorite Outdoor Areas: Fontainebleau, France

Garrett competing in Open at the adult session of The Gun Show at The Spot 2011

Proudest Ascents:

2nd ascents of Black Mamba V13 and Clockwork Orange V13

(probably) the shortest person ever to send The Buttermilker in Bishop

Garrett made the cover of Climbing Magazine with his ascent of Dark Age (V11) in December of 2005. The top of Dark Age is the classic V6 See Spot Run.

Best Comp Results:

3rd place for 3 years at the Hueco Rock Rodeo in the Mutant Division

1st place in Pro Finals at The Spot Bouldering Series 7 Gladiator Finals

Other Sports & Activities:

Ping pong, snowboarding, nearly un-defeatable at Super Smash Bros Brawl on Wii

Favorite Things:

LOVE music of all kinds, specific favorites are Hip-Hop and electronic music

LOVE TV and Movies

LOVE good food and sweets. Pescatarian, but only eat fish occasionally.

LOVE my dog Macey

Garrett's best friend Macey

Top 3 Movies: American Beauty, Gladiator, Fight Club

Top 3 TV Shows: Six Feet Under, Dexter, and Arrested Development

Future Plans: Going to CU Boulder to finish a degree in English with a focus on writing and rhetoric. Possibly will double major in Environmental Studies or Geography so I can pursue a masters in Environmental Law. After coaching these awesome kids I was also inspired to go after my teaching credentials.


Garrett’s Sponsors


Garrett’s Favorite Shoes

Super Moc
Team 5.10
Desert Enforcer


Garrett’s Links

Rock Rodeo 2010 March : Merrick Ales Photography

2009 Interview with Garrett  |  Stikkit Magazine

Youth Team Goes Crazy in Hueco – Deadpoint Magazine

Garrett Gregor, Kyle Owen, Carlo Traversi & Alex Puccio Bouldering In Yosemite & Hueco Tanks | Video | Climbing Narcissist

Garrett Gregor Profile  « The Spot Route Setting Blog

digital ROCK: Garrett Gregor (USA)

Garrett Gregor on Vimeo

Hueco Rock Rodeo 2010 | Photo by and property of Merrick Ales


Garrett’s Videos

Soul Cal: A Cali Bouldering DVD Trailer – Video Dailymotion

Soul Cal: A Cali Bouldering Vid at Integrity 7 Productions

This one isn’t Garrett climbing, it’s Dave Wetmore, but it is Garrett interviewed after the first 30 seconds:


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