Red River Gorge


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Team ABC on a trip to The Red River Gorge, March 2013
Team ABC on a trip to The Red River Gorge, March 2013

Team ABC Boulder and ABC Kids Boulder are running indoor and outdoor, local, regional, and international camps in the upcoming summer months. These camps are in high demand and will fill up, so sign up asap to get the camp you want to attend. If your camp is full and you cannot find an alternative camp to fill your schedule, please email anyways to get yourself on the waiting list.

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Spring Break Elite Team Trip to the Red!

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The Red River Gorge Kentucky

The Red River Gorge is one of the best sport climbing areas in America. This Spring Break Coach Obe and Coach Adam will be heading up the Elite Team Trip to the Red. The trip will allow the kids to get on some high quality sport climbing just before the start of USAC Rope Climbing Season. The Red is the perfect place to train and establish a strong foundation for the rest of the season.

The coaches will be flying out with the team, staying at a cool vacation cabin in Daniel Boon National Forest and climbing on amazing sandstone sport routes for 8 days.

Spring Break Road Trip to the Red River Gorge!

March 23th-31st, 2013

Join us for a week of sport climbing at one of the greatest climbing areas in America, the Red River Gorge!

Team ABC will be taking a trip to this sandstone climbing mecca for the last week of March 2013.  We encourage kids to come on their own or with their parents.

Cost per client: $850

What is included in the cost?

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner for 7 days.
  • A bed at our vacation house in the Red River Gorge for 8 nights.  The house is a spacious place in the woods with a large deck and property to play on.
  • 7 days of guided climbing at one of the best sport climbing areas you’ll ever visit.

Parents and climbers are responsible for transportation from Boulder to the Red River Gorge in Kentucky. 


The fastest way to the Red is to fly to Lexington, KY and drive a rental car down to the Red River Gorge.  Coach Adam will accompany any climbers coming without their parents.

The Red River Gorge

Schedule for the week

Saturday– Climbers and families fly from Denver to Lexington and drive down to the Red River Gorge.

Sunday through Saturday– climb as much amazing sandstone as we can handle and take a rest day if needed.

Sunday– drive to Lexington and fly back to Denver.

Where will we be staying?

We will be staying in a spacious vacation home in the rolling, forested hills of the Red River Gorge.  Our house has a large deck, hot tub, plenty of rooms and property to play on.

We’ll be booking flights soon so let Coach Obe know if you’re interested. You can sign up with the link on the right side of this page (under “Sign Up!”) or email Coach Obe with questions.

Team ABC Spring Break Update 3 – Robyn, Brooke, Margo, Stella, and Garrett in The Red River Gorge

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The Red River Gorge

Brooke Raboutou, Margo Hayes, Stella Noble

with Coach Robyn and Coach Garrett

Brooke sending God's Own Stone 14a


You probably already know that Brooke’s trip to The Red has already gone down in history as Brooke became the youngest female, the youngest American, and one of two of the youngest people in the world ever to climb 14a when she sent God’s Own Stone on March 29th, 2012. More on that here – Brooke Raboutou God’s Own Stone.


Coach Robyn on God's Own Stone

Coach Robyn

You may not know that Brooke’s mom, Coach Robyn, also sent the God’s Own Stone on the last day of the trip and by doing so showed once again that climbing is a sport in which, with proper motivation, training, and practice, you can continue to perform at your top level for many many years.

For those of you who don’t know, 1993 Robyn, then a top competition climber, became the 3rd woman in the world to climb 14a with Silence. That same year she quickly climbed her second with Attention Vous Regard. 15 years later, in August of 2008, Robyn again climbed 14a with Bad Attitude (to the top anchors) in France. She was 45 years old. Since then she has continued to make hard sport ascents including onsights and flashes up to 13b and a another 14a, Quick n’ Toast, in the summer of 2011. (She has also done several boulder problems up to V11.) On this trip Robyn also made a 2nd try ascents of the 13bs Paradise Lost (w/no rest), Golden Boy, and Elephant Man.  God’s Own Stone was Robyn’s 5th 14a and she was 48 years old at the time of the ascent.

Though she is happy with her climbing, Robyn’s ascent of GOS took much longer than Brooke’s, and Robyn says that her kids (son Shawn sent his first 14b last summer with Welcome to Tijuana in Rodellar) are finally passing her up. As she puts it:

I’ve now been schooled by both Shawn and Brooke.


Stella trying The Castle Has Fallen (13b) | Dean Miljkovic photo


Stella Noble tried very hard to send her first 13b with Golden Boy, but unfortunately she was unable to pull off the difficult jump at the top of the route on her redpoint burns.  Coach Robyn reports:

Stella was super strong overall on the climb but the beginning took just a little too much out of her for the last move to go in linkage.

Hopefully Stella will send this route, as well as any other projects she may choose, on her next trip to the Red.


Margo on Paradise Lost | Dean Miljkovic photo


Margo Hayes did Paradise Lost w/rest (13a) and Golden Boy (13b). She tried to climb the 13b version of Paradise Lost in which you do not take the rest, but after falling at the top several times she decided to take the 13a and move on. She projected Swingline (13d) on the trip as well but didn’t get it.

Margo has previously climbed 13c with Bad Attitude (first anchors) as well sent several 13bs and 13as.


Coach Garrett on the sharp end on Golden Boy

Coach Garrett

Garrett has for many years been primarily a boulderer, but since he began working with Team ABC Garrett has begun rope climbing as well. On last year’s trip to the Red Garrett sent 2 13as, a 13b, and a 13c. This year he sent three 13bs – Dracula04, Golden Boy, and Elephant Man. He projected Swingline (13d) with Margo, but he didn’t manage to send on the week-long trip either.


Nice job girls and Garrett!

And here’s one more cool photo from the Red:

Robyn on a 2nd try ascent of Paradise Lost | Dean Miljkovic photo

See what Rock and Ice has to say about Robyn’s ascent – Oh, and Mama climbed 5.14, too | Rock and