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Hueco Thanksgiving 2012 Video!

Timmy Dolan climbing Fern Roof V10

Garrett Gregor climbing Loaded With Power V10

Austin Lankford climbing 10-10 V10

Matt Lubar climbing Dark Age V11

Jaime Cantarovici climbing Sign Of The Cross V3

Austin Lankford, Michael O’Rourke, Matt Lubar doing the Wonder Hole Dyno V10

Austin Lankford climbing Dirty Martini V10

Matt Lubar climbing El Techo De Los Tres B V11, Free Willy V10


Hueco Trip Press!

We are excited that some other media outlets have shared our trip to Hueco. Here are a few screen shots with links to the articles.

Team ABC's trip on

Team ABC’s trip on

Deadpoint Magazine

Deadpoint Magazine

Polish Bouldering Site

Polish Bouldering Site

German website Climax

German website Climax has a link to our Blog Post on Hueco

Coach Robyn in Deadpoint Magazine + Robyn and Brooke in DPM

Coach Garrett wrote an article about Coach Robyn that is in the current issue of Deadpoint Magazine. You can check the magazine out online for free here – DPM Sept/Nov ’12 – and also pick up a free print copy next door at The Spot. Here are some screen shots, but click the link above to see the article and zoom in to read it.

The Contents Section featuring Coach Robyn

Also Robyn and Brooke were recognized in the “Chasing Numbers” section for making the youngest and oldest ascents of 8c (5.14b) with Welcome to Tijuana.


Again, to see the full issue click here - DPM Climbing and choose Issue 21: Sept – Nov ’12

ABC Athletes Michael O’Rourke, Ray McVicker and Phoebe Dolan on Rock and Ice Site

This photo of Michael O’Rourke in finals was featured on Rock and Ice’s website. Click the photo for the rest of the article and to see photos of other ABC athletes.

Advanced Plus Team Member Cody Stevenson in Rumney

Cody representing ABC Advanced Plus in Rumney

Cody Stevenson and his mom JoAnne visited Rumney, New Hampshire, and did some climbing with local guide and photographer Art Mooney. Here are some photos of their day, and here’s the blog post from Art - Mooney Mountain Guides: Cody sending routes at Rumney!!!

Getting ready

Nice rock in Rumney!

Cody way up high

This route looks awesome!

What a cool route!


IFSC Youth World Championships Singapore – Speed Photos

Here is the final set of photos we will be sharing from the 2012 IFSC Youth World Championship in Singapore. We are very proud of ABC Elite Team climber Margo Hayes for her 8th place finish in Female Youth B Lead. The event looked amazing and the venue was unbeatable. Enjoy the photos and make sure to check out the links to the photographer and to all our coverage of this event at the bottom of this page.

Getting ready

Getting set

Going!!!  Team USA

Team USA


This girl looks kinda like Brooke!

Team USA!

Team USA!

Tagging the finish


All photos by Garick Bay / courtesy IFSC World Youth Championship Singapore 2012 Facebook Group


If you missed it, here’s the rest of our 2012 IFSC Youth World Championships coverage:

Day 1 – Margo going to Worlds!

Day 1 – Quali 1

Day 2 – Qualis 1 results + photos

Day 2 – Qualis 2 results + more photos

Day 3 – Rain Delay activities

Day 3 – Lead Final Results

Day 3 – Finals + Semifinals photos + A great sequence of Margo

IFSC Youth World Championships Singapore – More photos + A Great Margo Sequence

This island was the venue. Looks like a fun place.

A photographer named Garick Bay shot the whole event and uploaded the photos every night to the IFSC Youth World Championships 2012 Singapore facebook page. We picked some of our favorites from lead semis and finals to share here. Speed climbing will come tomorrow. To see ‘em all, go to facebook and search for the event.

Serious concentration, interesting body positions, and don’t forget to breathe!

The rose move

Jure of Team Slovenia. He ended up in 3rd.

Domen of Team Slovenia. Took 2nd. Could have a back up career as a contortionist.

Very serious

Team Mexico

Grr face

The one-eyed stare

Serious consideration at preview

The scientifically proven tongue method. Daniel Woods does it. So did Michael Jordan!

Team USA!

Team USA!

Surprise clip!

Not a bad place to be lowered back to

And here is a great sequence of Margo

The photographer posted one or two photos of most kids, but for Margo he posted a bunch. Enjoy!

Ready for a clip.

Pulling slack

Post-clip chalk

Another clip


Moving on up

And up…

And up!

Bierstadt (V10) for Megan Mascarenas

Nice job Megan!!!

Megan has finally laid her multi-year project to rest by sending Bierstadt (V10) at Area A, Mount Evans, Colorado. Here’s the video. Nice job Megan!!!

Next Generation article from

We are excited to share that Shawn and Brooke are featured in an article entitled “Next Generation” featuring several accomplished young climbers from around the world. The article is on the German climbing site

The cover page:

Brooke, Shawn, Tito, Ashima, Enzo, and more!

Here are links to the articles for Brooke and Shawn. They are in German, but Google Translate does a pretty good, if sometimes funny, job at making them readable. Use the links or click the photos below.

Starke Kinder im Klettersport bei – Steckbrief: Brooke Raboutou (11 Jahre)

Starke Kinder im Klettersport bei – Steckbrief: Shawn Raboutou (14 Jahre)

Coach Robyn and the American Alpine Club

The American Alpine Club has done an extended interview with Coach Robyn. Click the photo above, or click here to read it!  How Robin Erbesfield-Raboutou Makes Kids into Elite Climbers