Highball Highline 2012

Highlines and Highballs at The Spot – Open Final

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Coach Rob winning the Men's Open by flashing his final at The Spot!
Coach Rob winning the Men’s Open by flashing his final at The Spot!  Photo by Keith North

Once again Team ABC represented well in the Open Final at The Spot Highlines & Highballs Comp. For the men, Remi Arata, Matt Lubar, Michael O’Rourke, and Coach Rob all made finals. For the women Megan Mascarenas, Isabelle Goodacre, Margo Hayes, and Laurel Todd were in. Men’s finals were especially exciting, and Coach Rob stole the show! Read about it here – Highlines & Highballs Open Final Result – UPDATED « The Spot Route Setting Blog

Full results coming soon!