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Team ABC at SCS Regionals!

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Team ABC Boulder Adidas SCS Regionals Sport Climbing 2013

We are very proud to share that Team ABC Boulder took 13 first place finishes at the Sport Climbing Series Regional Championship at the Boulder Rock Club this weekend!

The full category results are not yet published online, but we will share them when we have them.

Cody at Regionals
Cody at Regionals

Team ABC also came in 2nd overall for the team championship. The Team Championship is the combined scores from sport and speed from the team’s top competitors in all categories. Because Team ABC is missing Female Junior in Lead and Female Junior, Male Junior, and Female Youth A for Speed, we got zero in those categories (out of a potential 100 points per, or 400 total points we were unable to compete for). Team ABC crushed it and almost overcame the huge deficit for 1st overall, but in the end we were down 20 points and took a still proud 2nd place.

Great job to all ABC athletes for all their hard work!

On to Divisionals!!!


Six 1st place finishes for Team ABC at the first Youth SCS Comp this season!

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Fun in Colorado Springs!
Fun in Colorado Springs!

Team ABC traveled down to Colorado Springs to compete in the first Sport Climbing Series Youth Comp of the season. We are super proud of all the kids and glad to share that ABC took SIX first place finishes! Here are the ABC finishes from the event:


Female Youth D

Ashley Fisher  1st

Phoebe Dolan  2nd

Mia Manson  3rd

Corinne Otterness  4th

Campbell Sarinopoulous  5th

Lydia Dolan  6th

Bella Weksler  8th

Jasmine Mosberger  9th

Anna VonDugen  10th

Sarah Smith  11th

Margaux D’Amato  15th


Male Youth D

Colin Duffy  1st

Luke Reivich  4th

Sawyer Reivich  6th

Samual Kuepper  10th

Liam O’Brien  16th


Female Youth C

Brooke Raboutou  1st

Stella Noble  2nd

Ravelle Nelson  3rd

Ariana O’Brien  16th


Male Youth C

Ray McVicker  1st

Mateo Gallegos  2nd

Max Manson  13th


Female Youth B

Ivy Todd  1st

Kiana Ellis  4th

Margo Hayes  5th

Isabelle Goodacre  14th


Male Youth B

Shawn Raboutou  1st

Malcolm Oliver  2nd

Tristin Crane  4th

Timmy Dolan  9th


Male Youth A

Austin Lankford  2nd

Jaime Cantarovici  10th


Great job team!

2012 SCS Regionals Photos from Drew Dolan

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Timmy Dolan and Ethan Kruteck

Here are some photos that Drew Dolan took at the 2012 SCS Regionals at City Rock in Colorado Springs in May. For the results, check out this post: 2012 SCS Regionals Team ABC Results. Once again, congratulations to all who participated!

Timmy Dolan
Routereading as all good competitors should do
Timmy Dolan rockin’ a dropknee

Some of the girls waiting to climb
The girls
The Advanced Team Girls
Some of the elite girls
Advanced Team girls waiting in the chairs
More elite girls

Team ABC @ Regionals – Congrats Team!

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We are extremely proud of the 33 athletes (28 Elite Team and 5 Advanced Team) that we sent to the Regional Championships at City Rock in Colorado Springs last  weekend.

All 28 Elite Team athletes and 2 Advanced Team athletes have been invited to Divisionals in San Diego, California. That is 30 invites for Team ABC to Divisionals in difficulty and speed. Here are the results from Regionals:

Boy’s D

1. Joe Goodacre

3. Mateo Gallegos

7. Liam O’Brien

8. Ryder Noble

16. Miguel Gallegos


Girl’s D

1. Brooke Raboutou

2. Mia Manson

3. Ravelle Nelson

4. Stella Noble

5. Phoebe Dolan

6. Ariana O’Brien

7. Campbell Sarinopoulos

9. Corinne Otterness

13. Lydia Dolan

16. Margaux D’Amato


Boy’s C

1. Finn Stack

2. Timmy Dolan

3. Ethan Kruteck

4. Tristin Crane

7. Ray McVicker

13. Max Manson


Girl’s C

2. Ivy Todd


Boy’s B

2. Pierce McCrerey

3. Malcolm Oliver

4. Austin Lankford

5. Shawn Raboutou

10. Jaime Cantarovici


Girl’s B

1. Margo Hayes

2. Isabelle Goodacre

5. Kiana Ellis


Boy’s A

1. Matt Lubar

2. Stefan Lavender


Girl’s A

1. Laurel Todd


Boy’s Junior

1. Michael O’Rourke


To see the comp’s full results, please click here: USA Climbing | Sport Climbing Series Regional Results 2012

Congratulations Team!