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Team ABC at SCS Regionals!

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Team ABC Boulder Adidas SCS Regionals Sport Climbing 2013

We are very proud to share that Team ABC Boulder took 13 first place finishes at the Sport Climbing Series Regional Championship at the Boulder Rock Club this weekend!

The full category results are not yet published online, but we will share them when we have them.

Cody at Regionals
Cody at Regionals

Team ABC also came in 2nd overall for the team championship. The Team Championship is the combined scores from sport and speed from the team’s top competitors in all categories. Because Team ABC is missing Female Junior in Lead and Female Junior, Male Junior, and Female Youth A for Speed, we got zero in those categories (out of a potential 100 points per, or 400 total points we were unable to compete for). Team ABC crushed it and almost overcame the huge deficit for 1st overall, but in the end we were down 20 points and took a still proud 2nd place.

Great job to all ABC athletes for all their hard work!

On to Divisionals!!!


ABS 14 Youth Nationals!

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The ABS 14 Youth National Championships is taking place this weekend in Colorado Springs.

‎View the Event Schedule Here

Qualifiers are today, and you can view the running orders here:

ABS Nationals Homepage

For those who make it through, Semifinals are on Saturday and Finals are on Sunday.

The kids have worked hard and trained hard to earn their invitations to this prestigious event, and we want to repay their commitment with the full support of our coaches, team members, and parents. If you have time, come down to Colorado Springs and support Team ABC at the American Bouldering Series National Championships!!!


Team ABC at The Spot Gladiator Finals!

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Megan Mascarenas Gladiator Finals 2013 SBS 8 Women's Final by Katrin Bell

Team ABC put in a great showing at The Spot Bouldering Series Gladiator Final last weekend. Over 30 ABC kids competed in the youth and adult sessions, and 5 qualified to compete in the open final! Matt Lubar actually qualified for the men’s open final as well, but he tweaked a muscle a bit during the redpoint round and he decided to rest up for upcoming nationals, so he opted out. In his place Remi Arata was the 8th man to compete in Open Finals. For the women, Megan Mascarenas qualified in first overall, Margo Hayes qualified in 4th, Isabelle Goodacre qualified in 5th, and Laurel Todd qualified tied for 7th with The Spot’s Tika Anderson. Page Kuepper and several other photographers were on hand to take photos of the event, so head over to The Spot’s facebook page to check them out if you haven’t already. Thanks everyone for coming out and thanks to The Spot for another wonderful season!

Read about Men’s Open Finals

Read about Women’s Finals

More Photos on the Blog


Colin Duffy Team ABC Boulder The Spot Gym Gladiator Finals 2013 SBS 8
Colin Duffy  |  Page Kuepper


Youth Final Scores (still missing cards for Timmy Dolan, Michael Bartley, and Nick Lyon)

Adult Final Scores


Isabelle Goodacre The Spot Gym SBS 8 Gladiator Finals by Ryan Nadlonek
Isabelle | Ryan Nadlonek?

ABC Placings



1. Megan Mascarenas

2. Laurel Todd



1. Margo Hayes

2. Isabelle Goodacre



1. Brooke Raboutou

2. Stella Noble

Stella Noble Team ABC Boulder SBS 8 Gladiator Finals The Spot Gym 2013
Stella Noble | Page Kuepper

3. Ariana O’Brien

4. Ravelle Nelson

6. Nola Boasberg

8. Lilian Friefeld

10. Ari Alpert



1. Mia Manson

2. Phoebe Dolan

3. Campbell Sarinopoulos

Campbell Sarinopoulos Team ABC Boulder The Spot Gladiator Finals SBS 8 2013

4. Corinne Otterness

Corinne Otterness Team ABC Boulder The Spot Gladiator Finals SBS 8 2013

6. Ella Von Dungen

8. Lydia Dolan

10. Anna Von Dungen



1. Michael O’Rourke

Michael O'Rourke The Spot Gym Gladiator Finals 2013 SBS 8

2. Matt Lubar

Matt Lubar Team ABC Boulder The Spot Gladiator Finals 2013 SBS 8



1. Remi Arata

Remi Arata Team ABC Boulder The Spot Gladiator Finals SBS 8 2013

Michael Bartley The Spot Gym Boulder Gladiator Finals SBS 8 2013
Michael Bartley



Shawn Raboutou Team ABC Boulder SBS 8 Gladiator Finals The Spot 2013

1. Shawn Raboutou

2. Malcolm Oliver



1. Joe Goodacre

4. Mateo Gallegos

6. Ray McVicker


Team ABC Boulder The Spot Gym Gladiator Finals 2013 SBS 8


1. Colin Duffy

2. Liam O’Brien

3. Cody Stevenson

Cody Stevenson Team ABC Boulder SBS 8 Gladiator Finals 2013

4. Sawyer Reivich

5. Samuel Kuepper

Team ABC Boulder The Spot Gladiator Finals 2013 SBS 8

7. Miguel Gallegos

9. Jed Alpert

12. Finn McDaniel

14. Nico Lopez

16. Evan Kuepper

Team ABC at Divisionals!

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Shawn Raboutou
Shawn Raboutou at Divisionals

Congratulations to all Team ABC athletes who competed at ABS 14 Division 2 Divisional Championships at The Bloc in Tuscon, Arizona. Many ABC climbers have been invited to go on to Nationals in Colorado Springs! Here are Team ABC’s results, make sure to click the link at the bottom to see all the photos!

Margo Hayes
Margo Hayes


Male Youth D

2. Colin Duffy

4. Liam O’Brien

9. Luke Reivich

10. Cody Stevenson

Colin Duffy (2) and Liam O'Brien (
Colin Duffy (2) and Liam O’Brien (4)


Female Youth D

1. Mia Manson

2. Phoebe Dolan

5. Campbell Sarinopoulos

11. Lydia Dolan


Male Youth C

1. Joe Goodacre

5. Mateo Gallegos

7. Ray McVicker


Female Youth C

2. Brooke Raboutou

3. Ariana O’Brien

5. Ravelle Nelson

6. Stella Noble


Male Youth B

1. Shawn Raboutou

4. Malcolm Oliver

10. Timmy Dolan

13. Ethan Kruteck

Youth B Boys
Youth B Boys. Malcolm (far left, 4th) and Shawn (far right, 1st)


Female Youth B

1. Isabelle Goodacre

2. Margo Hayes

7. Ivy Todd

10. Kiana Ellis


Male Youth A

2. Austin Lankford

4. Remi Arata

15. Nick Lyon


Female Youth A

1. Megan Mascarenas

4. Laurel Todd


Male Junior

2. Matt Lubar

Matt Lubar (2nd)
Matt Lubar (2nd)


Full event results – USA Climbing | American Bouldering Series | 2013 Division 2 Results

Team ABC Celebrating!
Team ABC Celebrating!

More pictures here: Shutterfly | Team ABC Divisionals 2013

Dyno Workshop with Mike Auldridge!

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Mike Auldridge Workshop

This clinic is good for all intermediate and advanced climbers, including elite team athletes. If you want to learn to dyno better, sign up today!

Sign up – ABC KIDS CLIMBING Portal

Robyn & Obe Workshop #2 + A Cool Hueco Video!

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Hi ABCers!  We’ve got another workshop with Coach Robyn and Coach Obe scheduled for November 12th from 10am – 2pm at ABC. This workshop is for youth climbers of all ages and levels with at least one year’s climbing experience. You do not have to be an ABC climber to join, so bring a friend!

The themes of this workshop are Precision, Memorization, and Recovery.

Sign up for the November Workshop!

Here are some photos of Robyn and Obe’s October Workshop: Workshop with Robyn and Obe #1


Team ABC, are you getting psyched for the Hueco trip? Check out this cool video of Coach Obe from Hueco this summer: