World Cup Briancon

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Shawn Raboutou, Brooke Raboutou, Ashima Shirashi, Mirko Caballero

Shawn and Brooke had fun watching the Lead World Cup in Briancon, France, with their friends Mirko Caballero and Ashima Shirashi.


Brooke in Mom’s Old Jacket

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Here’s a fun shot of Brooke trying on her mom’s old Comp Podium jacket from her World Cup winning days. She’s still got a ways to go before it fits but she’s certainly climbing hard enough!

Brooke Raboutou in Robyn Erbesfield-Raboutou's World Cup Comp Podium Jacket
Brooke Raboutou in Robyn Erbesfield-Raboutou’s World Cup Comp Podium Jacket

Cool Old Coach Robyn Trading Card!

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Found on the internet, this old trading card featuring Coach Robyn!

Robyn Erbesfield Raboutou Trading Card ClimberRobyn Erbesfield Trading Card Climbing


A Little X-Games History & Coach Robyn

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Lynn Hill, Coach Robyn, Katie Brown | 1996 | photo (c) Arnaud Petit

Here is a fun old photo of Coach Robyn with fellow competitors Lynn Hill and a very young Katie Brown at the X-Games II in Newport, Rhode Island, in 1996. Sport Climbing didn’t last long in the X-Games, but it was included in the first several years of the event. The 1999 results are not reflected below. Later on there was a brief stint of bouldering at the X-Games, but that didn’t last either.

As you can see below, Coach Robyn won the first X-Games event, in 1995. Awesome!

Coach Robyn won Sport Climbing at the inaugural X-Games in 1995

Hopefully Sport Climbing makes it into the Olympics so our best climbers can again be represented on a world stage alongside many other sports.

Fun Old ABC Video

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Look at how young everyone was!!!

Team ABC in Urban Climber Young Guns 2010

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From the archives, here is a little article called “The Young Guns of 2010” in Urban Climber Magazine that featured Team ABC. Here is what the article looked like. To read the rest click here –¬†The Young Guns of 2010

Team ABC Site Update – Old Blog Import

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Remember this?

We have imported all the posts from the old blog so you can relive your favorite ABC memories. Click the photo to see the whole shebang, or use “old blog” link at the top menu. ¬†Enjoy!