Matt Lubar Crushing! + Profile Update

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Stefan posted this sweet video and post about fellow Team ABC Athlete Matt Lubar.

“Matt Lubar is a 17 year old crusher from Boulder, Colorado who has recently been killing it on plastic, and on the rocks. Matt has been placing in the top 4 of the last adult and youth comps he has attended. On the rock, Matt just returned from a successful week long trip to Hueco Tanks with his climbing team, Team ABC. There he was able to send many v10 and v11 boulders with little work! Only the future can tell what is in store for this up and crusher.”

Nice climbing Matt!!!

We also added some new pictures and info to Matt’s Team ABC profile. Check it out! – Matt Lubar Team ABC Boulder



Great Climbing Margo!

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Screen Shot 2013-01-11 at 2.49.19 PM

ABC Elite Team Athlete Margo Hayes has also been making headlines as she visited Hueco again in December and finished several climbs including Flower Power (V11) and Purple Flowers (V10). 8a.nu reported her sends.

Great job Margo!

Updated Profile for Ravelle Nelson!

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Team ABC Elite member Ravelle Nelson has just returned from her first trip to Hueco and we’ve updated her profile with this sweet Hueco pic and her new proudest achievements and favorite outdoor area. On this trip, her first outdoor bouldering trip, Ravelle sent “This is your Brain on Drugs”, a V9! Nice job Ravelle!

Ravelle Nelson Team ABC Boulder Hueco Tanks, Texas

Check out Ravelle’s updated profile here – Team ABC Boulder Ravelle Nelson


ABC Updates – Hueco Round 2 plus Welcome Back Tristin!

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Hueco Christmas Trip!

We’re happy to have the second ABC Team Trip to Hueco currently in progress. Here is a group shot of the coaches and athletes:

Team ABC Boulder athletes and coaches in Hueco!
Team ABC Boulder athletes and coaches in Hueco! From top left: Garrett, Laurel, Robyn, Obe; Bottom left: Mateo, Ravelle, Brooke, Stella, Phoebe, Ray.

Even though it’s been freezing these strong young athletes have managed some impressive sends, more on that soon. Also congrats to Coach Robyn for finishing her project from last year and last trip, the guidebook V12 (now considered maybe V11 with some kneebar beta) The Butterpumper! Nice job Robyn!


Welcome Back Tristin!

ABC is also happy to welcome back Tristin Crane! Tristin had to stop attending ABC as his commute from Colorado Springs wasn’t working with his schedule. Things have changed and Tristin will be back at practice in the New Year. We’re glad to have him back!

More ABC Hueco Media + Hot Shots Try Hard!

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More Media!

from the On Bouldering Weekly Digest
from the On Bouldering Weekly Digest

We are happy to have earned a mention in the On Bouldering Weekly Digest for the Elite Team Thanksgiving Trip to Hueco. Click the photo to learn more.

Hot Shots Trying Hard!


Hot Shot Sloane tried so hard at practice last week that she was too tired to climb the stairs at home! That’s the kind of trying hard we like to see–great effort Sloane!

Throwback Photo: Coach Didier!

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A great old photo of Coach Didier!