ABS Regional Championship Information

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We are excited to host the USAC ABS Regional Championships on Saturday, December 7th. Details for running order and competition flow will be updated with specific climber slots as the data is verified. Climbing start & ISO times are approximate and subject to change.

 Competitors must be in ISO ½ hour prior to their climbing start time. All athletes should report to ISO at The Spot. The athletes will be walking outside from The Spot gym to the ABC Gym, so please make sure they dress appropriately.
  • MYD & MYC
    • ISO opens 6:30 AM, closes 7:30 AM
    • 1st climber starts @ 8:00 AM
  • FYD
    • ISO opens 8:10 AM, closes 9:10 AM
    • 1st climber starts @ 9:40 AM
  • FYC
    • ISO opens 8:30 AM, closes 9:30 AM
    • 1st climber starts @ 10:00 AM
  • MYB
    • ISO opens 9:25 AM, closes 10:25 AM
    • 1st climber starts @ 10:55 AM
  • FYB
    • ISO opens 11:10 AM, closes 12:10 PM
    • 1st climber starts @ 12:40 PM
  • MYA
    • ISO opens 11:55 AM, closes 12:55 PM
    • 1st climber starts @ 1:25 PM
  • FYA
    • ISO opens 1:35 PM, closes 2:35 PM
    • 1st climber starts @ 3:05 PM
  • MJR
    • ISO opens 2:15 PM, closes 3:15 PM
    • 1st climber starts @ 3:45 PM
  • MJR
    • ISO opens 2:15 PM, closes at 3:15 PM
    • 1st climber starts @ 3:45 PM
  • FJR
    • ISO opens 3:15 PM, closes 4:15 PM
    • 1st climber starts @4:45 PM
On-sight ABS Regional Format
6 Problems, 5 Minute Climb, 5 Minute Rest
The final running order and schedule of events will be posted here and on the USAC Regional page on or before EOD Wednesday, Dec. 5th.
All athletes MUST complete waivers for both The Spot  & ABC Gym.  You can download the ABC waiver in advance and bring with you to the competition. A parent must be available to complete the waivers on-site if you do not complete in advance.  We do not want to turn away an athlete due to a lack of waivers.
Due to large number of competitors, we are requesting that all athletes and parents exit the gym at the completion of their category. Award ceremony for all categories will be held at the end of the day @ 6:30 PM.

If you are interested in volunteering, please go to the USAC Regional page for more information and to register as a volunteer.

Comida food truck will be on site from 11 AM- 3 PM serving burritos and tacos for those looking to grab an easy lunch. Other area coffee shops & restaurants within walking distance include Vic’s Coffee; The Walnut Cafe; Twisted Pine Brewery & Casa Alvarez.

On Sunday, December 8th all regional athletes are invited to join us for the 1st ABC Pro Clinic: Regional Recap. Athletes will have the chance to work with Pro Climbers from 12-2 to review the routes from the comp. This is complimentary but we are requesting pre-registration. Click here for more information

Look forward to seeing you all on Saturday!




One thought on “ABS Regional Championship Information

    Courtney Moore said:
    December 3, 2013 at 8:48 am

    Hi Team ABC,
    Everyone is psyched for Regionals at your gym!!
    I do have one clarification question for you… The info has the standard “check in to iso 1/2 hour before climb time” but the schedule has a closing time for iso a 1/2 hour before the first climber. All climbers need to be in iso by the closing time, correct?
    Thanks, see you soon!
    Courtney, Team VAC

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