Team ABC in Hueco Thanksgiving 2012

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Team ABC Boulder Elite Team Hueco Tanks 2012 Thanksgiving

Team ABC had a fantastic trip to Hueco over Thanksgiving break! We would like to congratulate all the athletes on their impressive sends. Here are a few favorites from each climber and a bunch of photos. Enjoy!


Jaime Cantarovici by Austin Lankford

Jaime Cantarovici  ::  Brutus V7


Timmy Dolan

Timmy Dolan  ::  Fern Roof V10


Michael Bartley Hueco 2012 by Garrett Gregor

Michael Bartley  ::  McBain V8, Fern Roof V10


Megan Mascarenas Crimping Christ Hueco 2012

Megan Mascarenas  ::  Crimping Christ on the Cross V10


Matt Lubar Sunshine 8A Hueco Tanks

Matt Lubar  ::  Free Willy V10, Choir Boys V7, Dark Age V11 and Full Service V10


Austin Lankford Free Willy

Austin Lankford  ::  Free Willy V10, The Maiden V0, Crimping Christ on the Cross V10, Un Point de Bleau dans un Hueco V11


Ivy Todd Hueco Thanksgiving 2012 by Garrett Gregor

Ivy Todd  ::  Brutus V7 & The Maiden V0 mega highball!


Laurel Todd Sunshine 8A Hueco Tanks Thanksgiving 2012

Laurel Todd  ::  Dragon Fly V5, McBain V8, New Religion Sit V8 and The Maiden V0


Isabelle Goodacre Fern Roof Thanksgiving 2012 by Garrett Gregor

Isabelle Goodacre  ::  Fern Roof V10 and The Maiden V0


Kiana Ellis Thanksgiving 2012 Team ABC Boulder Hueco Tanks

Kiana Ellis  ::  The Maiden V0 mega highball!


Brooke Raboutou Crimping Christ 7C+ Hueco 2012

Brooke Raboutou  ::  Sunshine V11, Crimping Christ V10 (on the same day!) and Dragonfly Low (V9)


Margo Hayes Sunshine 8A 2 Hueco 2012

Margo Hayes  ::  Sunshine V11, Crimping Christ V10, Ultramega V8 and The Maiden V0


Nick Lyon Hueco 2012

Nick Lyon  ::  Free Willy V10, Un Point de Bleau dans un Hueco V11, Mojo V10


Shawn Raboutou Portrait Hueco 2012

Shawn Raboutou  ::  Barefoot on Sacred Ground V12, Bush League V10, Mojo V10


Rob D'Anastasio Team ABC Boulder Thanksgiving 2012 by Garrett Gregor

Coach Rob D’Anastasio  ::  Power of Silence V10 and Loaded Direct V10 (his favorites of many sends this trip)


Michael O'Rourke Team ABC Boulder Hueco 2012

Michael O’Rourke  ::  Free Willy V10, El Techo de Tres B V11, MoMojo V11 and Eckstein V10/11


Stefan Lavender Hueco 2012 by Austin Lankford

Stefan Lavender  ::  Dark Age V11, Eckstein V10/11, Wonder Hole Dyno V10, Un Point de Bleau dans un Hueco V11, Governator V10, Mojo V10 and The Maiden V0


Garrett Gregor The Maiden V0 Highball Hueco 2012

Coach Garrett atop The Maiden


Robyn Erbesfield-Raboutou The Butterpumper Hueco Tanks Thanksgiving 2012

Coach Robyn so close to the Butterpumper V12. She did manage to send Eckstein V10/11 earlier in the day.



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