The Gun Show at The Spot!

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Margo on O4 at The Gun Show

Team ABC competed at The Gun Show – the first comp in the Spot Bouldering Series 8. We were proud to have 6 representatives in the 12 person Open Final.


Megan Mascarenas qualified in 1st and ended up in 2nd after falling on the strange first move a few times. Once she did the move she hiked the problem, but it wasn’t enough as 2nd place qualifier Nina Williams flashed the final.

Margo Hayes qualified in 3rd and ended up in 3rd.

Laurel Todd qualified in 6th and ended up in 6th.

Great job girls!


Coach Rob qualified in 3rd and ended up in 3rd.

Elite Team Athlete Michael O’Rourke qualified in 4th and ended up in 4th.

Coach Garrett qualified in 5th and ended up in 5th.

Nice job guys!


The Gun Show had a BBQ and a dunk tank where kids had a chance to dunk their coaches. Coach Ryan was a great sport and sat on the platform as most of Team ABC took a shot at dunking him.

Coach Ryan waiting for it.
Ari getting ready for her pitch.
Team ABC dunking Coach Ryan at The Gun Show

Full results are coming soon, but until then, here are more photos! Click the links at the bottom of the page to see the full galleries, and The Spot says even more photos from the youth event, the adult session, and open finals are coming soon. Stay tuned!

Ivy on O3

The Gun Show 2012

More Gun Show 2012

Katrin Bell photos are available for order if you’d like a blown-up print of any shots. Contact her via her website – Katrin Bell Photography – Fine Art With Photography – 904.415.3355

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