Coach Garrett and Elite Team Athlete Michael O’Rourke at the Aesthetic Invitational Comp

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Last weekend Coach Garrett Gregor and Elite Team Athlete Michael O’Rourke traveled to Southern California to compete in a large invitational pro comp held for the grand opening of a new gym called Aesthetic.

Coach Garrett climbed very well, just missing the podium with his 4th place finish. Michael wasn’t too far behind, and finished in 7th. The field was quite stacked and included many seasoned competitors like winner Jon Cardwell, 2nd place finisher Kyle Owen, 3rd place Rob D’Anastasio, 5th place Daniel Woods, 6th place Matt Wilder, and 9th place Ian Dory. For the women Alex Johnson took 1st just ahead of Courtney Sanders in 2nd and Nina Williams in 3rd.

Here are some more pictures, most are of Garrett but we’re on the lookout for more Michael shots and will share them if we find them. Nice job Garrett and Michael!

photo by Natasha Barnes

More event photos: Climbing – Matthew Hulet Photography


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