IFSC Youth World Championships Singapore – More photos + A Great Margo Sequence

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This island was the venue. Looks like a fun place.

A photographer named Garick Bay shot the whole event and uploaded the photos every night to the IFSC Youth World Championships 2012 Singapore facebook page. We picked some of our favorites from lead semis and finals to share here. Speed climbing will come tomorrow. To see ’em all, go to facebook and search for the event.

Serious concentration, interesting body positions, and don’t forget to breathe!

The rose move
Jure of Team Slovenia. He ended up in 3rd.
Domen of Team Slovenia. Took 2nd. Could have a back up career as a contortionist.
Very serious
Team Mexico
Grr face
The one-eyed stare
Serious consideration at preview
The scientifically proven tongue method. Daniel Woods does it. So did Michael Jordan!
Team USA!
Team USA!
Surprise clip!
Not a bad place to be lowered back to

And here is a great sequence of Margo

The photographer posted one or two photos of most kids, but for Margo he posted a bunch. Enjoy!

Ready for a clip.
Pulling slack
Post-clip chalk
Another clip
Moving on up
And up…
And up!

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