IFSC Youth World Championships Qualification Day 2 – Margo Hayes + Photos

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So so beautiful | photo by USA Team Coach Scot Jenerik

Margo Hayes reached hold 34+ out of 41 on Qualification Route 2. For a while she was in first place overll and now she’s been bumped to 2nd by teammate Claire Buhrfeind who only got to hold 31+ on QR2 but who made it the highpoint (hold 27+) on QR1. Margo currently has highpoint on QR2 with about 1/2 of her category still to climb. Margo was ranked in a tie for 3rd after QR1 yesterday. We will see where she ends up after the category has climbed but so far she has put on a spectacular performance. Great job Margo!

Top Youth B Female results as of 11:06 pm. 1/2 category yet to climb.

Fellow Team USA climber Josh Levin put on a fantastic performance as well and got close to highpoint on his 2nd quali route. Here are some photos from the IFSC Youth World Championship Singapore facebook page:

Such a pretty wall and dramatic setting
A nice sideview. Check out those volumes!
Team USA!
Live feed screen shot: Sean Bailey of Team USA crushing in the bottom right corner
The warm-up wall
Traffic on the warm-up wall
Team USA!
So many countries!
Alex Fritz of Team USA on Day 1
Team USA!
Amazing wall. Amazing setting.
Josh Levin of Team USA on Day 1
Nice clip!
Margarita “Rita” of Team USA on the Female Youth B Quali 2

And now this is happening…

The problem with a tropical destination

More photos and updates tomorrow. Great job Margo and great job Team USA!


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