2012 SCS Youth Nationals – Final Results

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Ariana O’Brien warming up on Semis at SCS Nationals 2012

It’s over. Four days of intense competition, almost 500 competitors, 40,000 square feet of climbing, countless volunteers, some tears and some triumphs later, and it’s all over. The 2012 SCS season finale was an incredible event and set the bar even higher for what is to be expected out of USA climbing. Almost everything went on without a hiccup and there were some points during the event (Male B superfinals to be specific, when Brendan Mitchell from Team Texas became the only boy to top the Male Junior route) when the audience erupted into an explosion of excitement.

We’re incredibly proud of all the ABC climbers that made it to Nationals. It is a tiring and very involved process to even get there and my hat goes off to every single one of them. We’d also like to extend a huge thanks to all of the parents and helpers from Team ABC – without you, none of this would happen, so thank you =)

Finals was super exciting, and we were able to capture Joe’s full and only ascent of the “D” route on camera – here is a link to a playlist with both semi-final and finals footage

Joe and Stella both came out on top for the second year in a row, so another huge congratulations to them as well. Margo placed third and is hungry to regain the top spot, and Isabelle also placed extremely well in 5th – just missing out on an invitation to the US team, but an amazing finish nonetheless.

Mia Manson ready to try hard

Youth D:
Ariana O’Brien -11th
Phoebe Dolan – 9th
Mia Manson – 8th
Ravelle Nelson – 6th
Stella Noble – 1st
Joe Goodacre – 1st

Youth C:
Ivy Todd – 7th
Finn Stack – 10th
Timmy Dolan – 7th

Youth B:
Isabelle Goodacre – 5th
Margo Hayes – 3rd

Isabelle Goodacre trying to float through the upper crux of Semis at SCS Nationals 2012

Full results can be found here

We weren’t able to capture the team title this year, but we are looking forward to making us even better climbers this year. Another huge thank you to Stone Summit who has supported this event three years in a row and is one of the most incredible facilities we have ever been to.

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