2012 SCS Youth Nationals – Day 3 Difficulty Results

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Photo courtesy of Drew Dolan
Phoebe Dolan and Ravelle Nelson having a blast

Another day, another eleven competitors through. Semi-finals knocked out two of some of our strongest kids – Ethan Kruteck and Michael O’Rourke. Yesterday, as Jackie mentioned, claimed Malcolm Oliver. I want to personally congratulate them for making it all the way to Nationals and to reaffirm just how strong they are and that none of this changes that =)

Tomorrow is the final day of nationals and the true test for the remaining competitors. The kids are ready to go and are eagerly anticipating their finals routes. Moving to finals will be…

Youth D:
Ariana O’Brien
Ravelle Nelson
Mia Manson
Phoebe Dolan
Stella Noble
Joe Goodacre

Youth C:
Ivy Todd
Timmy Dolan
Finn Stack

Youth B:
Isabelle Goodacre
Margo Hayes

Another huge congratulations to ABC’s speed finalists who all climbed 10m in 12 seconds or less!
Mia Manson (6th – 11.74 seconds)
Ariana O’Brien (4th – 10.63 seconds)
Joe Goodacre (2nd – 6.83 seconds!)

Full results can be found here

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