2012 SCS Nationals Day 2 Results Difficulty and Speed!

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Margo Hayes | photo by Michelle Dolan


Day 2 has passed and we have 14 climbers through to semifinals for difficulty!

Coach Garrett reports:

Kids had a great second day. We only lost one kid – Malcolm. He’s such a hard worker and really deserved to be in there with everyone, but it’s his first year in “B” so he’s got one more year to catch up.

We nearly lost Ethan and Timmy to some early slips, but they sneaked in with a tie at 17th and are going to show everyone what a fluke yesterday was tomorrow at semis.
“D” girls all flashed and impressed as usual. Margo and Is also both looked in top form, and Joe was one of a few “D” boys to finish the second qualifier.
O’Rourke also had a good day, getting less than 2 holds from the top before coming off.
All in all, 14 are advancing to semis and we have two speed finalists for tomorrow night – Ari and Joe. Stella, Mia, Ethan and Finn were close but missed out right on the cut. Is probably would have also been in there had she not had an unfortunate slip the first day. Apparently, Entreprise doesn’t actually mold the exact speed hold….

UPDATE – Mia Manson actually did squeak into speed finals.

Different categories have different numbers of climbers advancing to semis. Here are links to full result lists from qualifiers in categories with ABC athletes. Full results for all categories can be found here – SCS Nationals

Female Youth B – Isabelle Goodacre & Margo Hayes in a multi way tie for first

Female Youth C – Ivy Todd 4th

Female Youth D – Mia Manson, Stella Noble, Phoebe Dolan, & Ravelle Nelson and Ariana O’Brien are tied for first

Male Junior – Michael O’Rourke 12th

Male Youth B – Malcolm Oliver 23rd – no advance, taking 17 to semis of male youth b

Male Youth C – Finn Stack 11th, Timmy Dolan 17th, Ethan Kruteck 18th

Male Youth D – Joe Goodacre 1st

Difficulty Semifinals Running Order – http://scsnationals.org/register/SCS2012SportSemiRun.pdf

Timmy Dolan | photo by Michelle Dolan


Ariana O’Brien, Mia Manson & Joe Goodacre have made finals in Speed Climbing!

Speed Finals Running Order – http://scsnationals.org/register/SCS2012SpeedFinalRun.pdf

Nice job everybody, and good luck tomorrow!!!


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