2012 SCS Nationals Next Weekend!

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We are so very proud of the members of Team ABC who have committed themselves to competing in the Sport Climbing Series this summer. Training indoors during outdoor climbing season, traveling for Regionals and Divisionals, and finally earning and invitation to Nationals represents a great amount of time and effort. Join us in saying amazing job to all our athletes who have put in the time and wish them the best next weekend in Atlanta.

Here are the Team ABC Boulder athletes who will be competing in Nationals for difficulty along with their first climbing time:

Thursday July 5, 2012

1st Difficulty Qualifier

Female B

Isabelle Goodacre  –  9:40 am

Margo Hayes  –  11:08 am

Female C

Ivy Todd  –  9:32 am

Female D

Stella Noble   –  10:12 am

Phoebe Dolan   –  10:44 am

Ravelle Nelson   –  10:52 am

Ariana O’Brien   –  1:08 pm

Male Junior

Michael O’Rourke   –  1:32 pm

Male B

Malcolm Oliver   –  11:24 am

Male C

Timmy Dolan  –  10:20 am

Ethan Kruteck  –  11:00 am

Finn Stack  –  1:32 pm

Male D

Joe Goodacre  –  11:24 am

We will post start lists for the Speed Competition when they become available. For full schedules (as posted) and more info, check the SCS Nationals page here – USA Climbing SCS Nationals Homepage


One thought on “2012 SCS Nationals Next Weekend!

    Jackie said:
    June 29, 2012 at 7:14 am

    Break a leg guys!

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