Coach Robyn Featured on & Brooke Featured in DPM

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Coach Robyn on 8a!

Coach Robyn has been having a successful trip in Europe. Between coaching France and Spain camps she has done some climbing of her own and last week she did not one but two 8b+ (5.14a) routes!  These are not the first hard routes she has climbed, as in the early 90’s she was the 3rd woman in the world to climb 5.14 and so far this century she has managed several more. However, it is impressive that at the age of 49 she is still successfully climbing near the top level for women in the world. Here is a shot of the article, click on it to see it on 8a.  Nice job Coach Robyn!

Brooke on DPM

Brooke’s ascent of God’s Own Stone was mentioned in the newest issue of Deadpoint Magazine. Click the photo to read the issue. Nice job Brooke!

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