Congrats for Divisionals!

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Congratulations to all members of Team ABC who competed at SCS Divisionals at Mesa Rim in San Diego this past weekend. Here are the results from the ABC Athletes who competed:

2012 Sport Climbing Series Youth Divisionals

173 total competitors, 89 male, 84 female


Youth D


 1. Joe Goodacre

11. Ryder Noble


1. Ariana O’Brien

2. Stella Noble

3. Mia Manson

4. Ravelle Nelson

5. Phoebe Dolan


Youth C


2. Timmy Dolan

3. Finn Stack

6. Ethan Kruteck

11. Ray McVicker


1. Ivy Todd


Youth B


2. Malcolm Oliver


1. Margo Hayes

3. Isabelle Goodacre

14. Kiana Ellis




2. Michael O’Rourke


Full Event Results


One thought on “Congrats for Divisionals!

    Jackie Cohn Hawley said:
    June 13, 2012 at 6:14 am

    WTG Team!

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