Team ABC Spring Break Update 2 – Stefan and Michael in Joe’s Valley

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As promised, here is another exiting report from a Team ABC members’ Spring Break 2012 climbing trip. For installment 2 we have:

Joe’s Valley 

Stefan Lavender & Michael O’Rourke

Michael trying the iconic Black Lung (V13) | Petey Photo

For Spring Break 2012 Stefan and Michael headed to Joe’s Valley where they ticked many classics as well as an impressive number of V10s and V11s. Michael was recognized on the front page of 8a for his accomplishment of 7 V11 problems over the course of the spring break week.  3 of Michael’s V11 sends happened on the same day, but perhaps even more impressive is his first day in Joe’s in which he climbed 2 V9s, 4 V10s, and 2 V11s! His accomplishments have brought him to 6th place All Time and 4th place currently in the World Junior Bouldering Ranking on 8a.

Stefan also sent nearly a handful of V11s and several V10s and V9s and is sitting at 14th All Time  and 8th currently in the World Junior Bouldering Ranking on 8a. This is an impressive week of bouldering, especially for two boys who cannot yet sign their own waivers at climbing gyms!

There aren’t many pics of the Joe’s trip, but here are a couple of Michael and Stefan taken by their buddy and Spot Comp Team member Sean Morgan.

Michael O'Rourke working on Echale (V14) in Clear Creek Canyon, Colorado | photo by Sean Morgan


Stefan and Michael’s Joe’s Valley Ticklist V9 and up


Eye of the Beholder (first ascent after break) – Michael (3/26)

The Worm Turns – Michael (3/26), Stefan (3/26)

W, W & W w/W  – Stefan (3/26)

Hydrogenated Oil – Michael (3/27), Stefan (3/27)

Skidmark – Michael (3/30), Stefan (3/30)

Skeleton Key – Michael (4/1)

The Ghost King – Michael (4/1)

Skull – Michael (4/1)


Michael sending The Ghost King via campus | Petey Photo



Nerve Extension – Michael (3/26), Stefan (3/26)

Eden – Michael (3/26)

Fingerhut – Michael (3/26)

Resident Evil – Michael (3/26), Stefan (4/1)

Fiery Furnace – Michael (3/27)

Lactation Station – Michael (3/30)

Death Scream – Michael (3/30), Stefan (4/1)

Dunkin’ Donuts – Michael (4/1), Stefan (4/1)



Worst Case Scenario – Michael (3/26)

Playmate of the Year – Michael (3/26)

White Out – Stefan (4/2)

Smokin Joe – Stefan (4/2)

*Grades are always subject to multiple opinions and several of these ascents have been logged by different climbers at different grades. These are the grades the boys gave for the climbs. If you are interested please check out their 8a cards for their full trip ticklists and the comments they made for each ascent.

Stefan closer to home, working on Shine (14a) at Primo Wall in Clear Creek Canyon | Sean Morgan Photo

Nice job guys!!!


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