ABS Youth Nationals Final Results

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ABS Youth Nationals. Photo by Tyson Schoene of Team Vertical World.

Team Competition

Team ABC took second in the National Team Competition!  Team ABC was the largest team at Nationals with an incredible 23 athletes who qualified to compete, 19 of whom made it to semis and 18 of whom went on to finals. The team’s performance in the comp earned 550 team points, only 25 points shy of Team Champions Team Texas.


Here are the results of individual Team ABC competitors in the finals round for 2012 ABS Youth Nationals. Top competitors were invited to join the 2012 US National Team, and it is noted next to their names. Nice job Team ABC, and congratulations to all the competitors in this National Championships.

Youth D


4. Brooke Raboutou  –  2012 National Team Member

5. Stella Noble

6. Ravelle Nelson

7. Phoebe Dolan

8. Ariana O’Brien

10. Mia Manson


2. Joe Goodacre  –  2012 National Team Member

10. Liam O’Brien


Youth C


8. Ivy Todd


6. Timmy Dolan

8. Finn Stack (stayed in 8th the entire comp!)


Youth B


1. Megan Mascarenas  –  National Champion! and 2012 National Team Member.

4. Margo Hayes  –  2012 National Team Member

6. Isabelle Goodacre


3. Shawn Raboutou  –  2012 National Team Member

10. Pierce McCrerey

11. Austin Lankford


Youth A


4. Laurel Todd  –  2012 National Team Member


I will try to give a run down of the events soon, and will post photos and other media as it comes out. Until then, full results and team rankings at these links from absnationals.org:

ABS13 Female Final Results

ABS13 Male Final Results

ABS13 Female National Team Invites

ABS13 Male National Team Invites

ABS13 Team Champ

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