More The Fanatic 2 + Divisionals Results. Pictures coming soon!

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Divisionals Results!!!

We would like to congratulate all the members of Team ABC Boulder for their spectacular performance at Divisionals at the brand new Bloc climbing gym in Tuscon, Arizona last weekend. Team ABC kids took 6 out of 8 possible first place finishes and had several 2nds and 3rds as well. All in all, 23 Team ABC members qualified for Nationals!  Below are the results for Team ABC:


Youth D


1. Joe Goodacre

6. Mateo Gallegos

8. Liam O’Brien

14. Ryder Noble


1. Brooke Raboutou

2. Stella Noble

3. Mia Manson

4. Ariana O’Brien

6. Ravelle Nelson

7. Phoebe Dolan

18. Corinne Otterness


Youth C


1. Timmy Dolan

2. Finn Stack

3. Ethan Kruteck

7. Ray McVicker


1. Ivy Todd


Youth B


2. Austin Lankford

4. Shawn Raboutou

6. Pierce McCrerey

14. Malcolm Oliver


1. Megan Mascarenas

2. Isabelle Goodacre

4. Margo Hayes

15. Kiana Ellis


Youth A


5. Matt Lubar

6. Nick Lyon

12. Stefan Lavender


1. Laurel Todd


Full Results: USA Climbing ABS Divisionals 2012


The Fanatic 2 Update

Another nice post on Outdoor Actual that includes some Spanish.
Poitiers Escalade

It is hard not to continue to be excited about the large amount of attention Brooke’s segment of The Fanatic 2 has received. Thanks again to Laurent Triay for allowing us to post this video via the Team ABC Boulder site, and thanks to everyone who has forward posted it. We are looking forward to creating more Team ABC Boulder media to share in the future, so stay tuned!


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