Tristin Crane

Tristin Crane Shelf Road 1

Tristin Crane 

Born: September 1999

First Climbed: Age 4

Climbing Regularly Since: Age 6

Joined Competition Team ABC: September 11, 2010

Height (as of Feb 2013): 4’10”

Ape Index (as of Feb 2013): +2″

Tristin ABC

Favorite Outdoor Areas:

Rodellar, Spain

Shelf Road, CO

Hueco Tanks, TX

Favorite Routes/Problems:

Stegosaurus, Hueco Tanks (V8)

Akelarre, Spain (13a)

Billy el Rapid, Spain (12a)

Coco Loco, Spain (12a)

Living in America, Shelf Road (12a)

Tristin France

Having fun in France

Proudest Climbing Moments:

Sending Akelarre (13a) and Pince Sans Rire (12c) in Spain

1st MYC 2012 SCS Divisionals

Best Comp Results:

22nd MYC 2012 SCS Nationals

1st MYC 2012 SCS Divisionals

11th MYD 2010 SCS Nationals

12th MYD 2011 ABS Nationals 

24th MYD 2010 ABS Nationals (dislocated elbow in Semi Finals)

Tristin SCC

Other Activities:

Archery Elk Hunting



Favorite Subjects in School:

Tech for Life


Tristin Profile Pic

Future Goals:

Dominate the sport climbing scene in Spain

Compete in a World Cup

Tristin Shelf

At Shelf Road


Tristin Spain 3



Tristin’s Favorite Shoes

La Sportiva Solution

La Sportiva Solution

La Sportiva Miura VS

La Sportiva Miura VS


Tristin’s Videos


Tristin Spain 2

Tristin in Spain | Summer 2012


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