Michael O’Rourke

Michael trying Black Lung in Joe’s Valley, Utah

Michael O’Rourke

Born: July 4, 1994

First Climbed: 2002

Climbing Regularly Since: 2003

Joined Team ABC Boulder: Fall 2011

Height (as of March 2012): 5’8″

Ape (as of March 2012): +5″

Favorite Outdoor Areas: Bishop

Favorite Problem: Buttermilk Stem 

Proudest Ascents:  

Mirror Reality (V14, 4th ascent, RMNP, CO)

Free Range (V13, Boulder Canyon, CO)

Best Comp Results:

1st 2012 Yank n’ Yard Pro Open

1st Boys Junior 2012 ABS 13 Youth National Championships

1st Men’s Open SBS 7 Gun Show

2nd 2012 Portland Boulder Rally

3rd 2012 SBC Pro Open

Michael atop the Boy’s Junior Podium at ABS 13 Youth Nationals

Michael atop the podium at Yank n’ Yard 2012

Other Activities: Snowboarding

Favorite Subject in School: Geology

Future Goals: Send V15

Michael competing in semifinals of Men’s Open at ABS 13 Nationals


Other Gyms Michael Enjoys


Michael’s Favorite Shoes

Madrock Shark 2.0


Michael’s Sponsors

Tru Fit supporting their athlete Michael O’Rourke


Michael O’Rourke at the Portland Boulder Rally 2012 by Beau Kahler


Michael’s Links

Climbing Magazine  |  ABS 13 Youth Nationals Results Are In  |  2012

Michael O’Rourke 2012 ABS Youth National Champion  | with Video!  |  TruFit

8a.nu Forum Topic: Michael O’Rourke (17) a rising star

The Gun Show 2011!  |  The Spot Route Setting Blog

Michael O’Rourke « The Spot Route Setting Blog

2011 Yank-N-Yard Wrap-up  |  Climbing Narcissist

ABS 9 Adventure Rock Wrap Up  |  2007  |  Climbing Narcissist


Michael’s Videos

Michael’s Vimeo Account

The first 3 minutes of this next video show Michael climbing some impressive boulders in the Buttermilks.

more: Stormtheboulder on YouTube


Michael at ABS 13 Nationals

For more search “Michael O’Rourke” in the Find Something bar at the top right. 

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