Lillian Friefeld

Lillian rockin’ outdoors on Roller Coaster 5.9- at City of Rocks

Lillian Friefeld

Born: 2000

First Climbed: Age 3

Climbing Regularly Since: Age 7

On ABC Since: Age 10

Height: 4’11” (as of May 2012)

Ape Index: TK

Favorite Outdoor Area: City of Rocks, Idaho

Favorite Route: Roller Coaster (see photo above)

Climbing outside in Catalonia, Spain

Proudest Moment: Sending first lead go on 5.12 at the BRC

Best Comp Result: 3rd at The Spot Gladiator Finals 2012

Other Activities: Swimming, Tennis, Volleyball, Biking

Favorite Subject in School: Reading

Future Goal: To be a good climber!


Lillian’s Favorite Shoes

La Sportiva Mythos


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