Nic Sherman

Nic Sherman

ABC is proud to introduce Nic Sherman as an ABC Coach! Nic will work with the Advanced, Advanced Plus, and Elite Teams this year.

Nic started climbing at age 12 when he lived in Colombia. He still credits his great coach who taught him basics of training, physical conditioning, and competition preparation. At 14, after winning Sport Climbing Nationals in the 14-15 age group in Colombia, Nic represented the country in the Latin American Championship in Venezuela.

In 2002 Nic and his family moved to Florida and he was immediately shocked by the intense opportunity to improve his climbing career. The better gyms and the size of the industry gave him motivation to improve his skills and compete with the best.

Nic was unaware of his level of climbing in comparison to other climbers in the country when he moved to Florida.

One big realization happened when I entered my first local ABS comp and won the Open Category. That day, a respected professional climber from the Southeast told me I had a shot at competing with the big names if I stuck to working hard, so that is exactly what I did.”

Rope climbing in Colombia | Carlo Traversi

In Florida, Nic never had a coach. Instead, he spent countless hours online, reading about physical training and nutrition. He developed all of his training plans with new ideas and adaptable conditioning routines, then spent every single afternoon of his high school life devoted to training and obsessing over climbing.

The work sort of paid off when Nic made finals at a PCA comp at the age of 15 and was able to compete with all of the pros of the time. The next year he placed 6th at ABS Nationals in the Open Category. He also won about ten local and regional ABS comps in Florida.

At 17, he finally made the podium at an elite comp by placing third at ABS Nationals at The Spot Gym in Boulder. That summer, Nic was invited to the Teva Games Pro Invitational Comp (before it became a World Cup) and also placed third, sharing the podium with Daniel Woods (an ABC Guest Coach) and Paul Robinson.

Just as important to point out is his passion for route setting, a skill he has been devoted to improving since he began his climbing career and will continue by setting at ABC. In Nic’s own words:

My thirst for climbing life led me to CU Boulder at the age of 18. By then, I had established a good network of connections in the industry so I stuck to climbing even more than ever before. I also began to work as a route setter at The Spot and was able to set for many of the famous bouldering comps The Spot hosts every year.

In 2008, while competing in finals at ABS Nationals, Nic suffered a severe shoulder injury that required two surgeries. This put him out of the scene for almost two years.

However, for the last three years I have been climbing just as much as before, but with a different focus on my future. I put a lot of effort into finishing my Biochemistry degree at CU, but now I am very excited to be a part of the ABC family and help shape the future generations of climbing. It’s meaningful, rewarding, and fun, so I feel privileged to be a part of this. I look forward to getting to know everyone on a personal level and share my experiences while helping create new ones together with Robyn and everyone at ABC.

Please give a hearty welcome if you see Nic around. Feel free to introduce yourself to him. He’d love to meet you.

Nic in Arkansas  |  Carlo Traversi


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