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Bring your Friends to Learn to Climb Day!

ABC Poste 11X14 R7

Come one, come all, introduce your friends and family to your favorite sport! ABC Team Athletes will be on hand to help share the joys of climbing at this FREE event. Don’t miss it!

ABC Learn to Climb Day



Boulder, CO, April 2013 – Team ABC and ABC Kids Climbing in conjunction with LaSportiva and Adidas are proud to announce the 1st annual Learn to Climb Day. Families from all over Colorado are invited to join Team ABC, current ABS National Team Champions to learn the basics of climbing. This free event will be held on Sunday, May 5th from 2-5 PM in the ABC climbing gym, 1960 32nd Street in Boulder. The ABC gym is the only dedicated kids climbing and training facility in the world.

The goal of Learn to Climb Day is to expose new families to the sport of climbing. Climbing is an activity that can be enjoyed by all ages and abilities throughout the state of Colorado. Participants will have the chance to climb at multiple stations set up in the facility, including The Monkey Pavilion, an area dedicated for the youngest of climbers. The “coaches” at each station will be Team ABC youth athletes and coaches. Essentially kids will be taught by kids. In addition to climbing, the event features a dunk tank, face painting, kid friendly exhibits and giveaways from local businesses.

There has been significant growth in the sport of climbing over the past few years due to an increase in the number of climbing gyms along with the focus of Boulder based USA Climbing on the competition aspect. In addition, this sport is on the horizon to be included as an Olympic sport in 2020. “As climbing becomes more mainstream, we recognize that this is an excellent opportunity to have Team ABC show the local community what the sport of climbing is about and that all children can participate. We are excited to teach local families about the basics of climbing and have fun doing it” says Robyn Raboutou, Head Coach of Team ABC.

The ABC Kids Climbing program and Team ABC were founded in 2004 by Robyn Raboutou, a world class climber who had the vision of teaching the next generation of climbers. Robyn is the most titled female climber in the world. She has won the US Championship five times and is the winner of four World Cup Titles. ABC stands for agility, balance and coordination. The ABC program is based around inspiring confidence and self-esteem in children as young as two. These crucial skills are the building blocks of all athletics.

The ABC Kids climbing gym is open seven days a week and offers multiple recreational and competitive climbing programs for kids of all ages. The programs include Team ABC, clubs, classes, birthday parties, camps, outdoor programs, open gym and parents’ night out.

For more information, visit

Strength Training with Brooke!

Another fun video with Brooke from the THNKR Prodigy folks. Enjoy!


Here is a cool video from ABC Salt Lake City. Enjoy!

ABS 14 Nationals – Final Results + NATIONAL TEAM CHAMPS!!!

Team ABC Boulder wins 2013 ABS 14 National Team Championship!!!

ABC did not have the most climbers in the event, but overall ABC was the highest-performing team at ABS Nationals. Great job team!

The Results List for Team Championships – ‎

Stella Noble ABS 14 Youth Nationals Finals by Page Kuepper

Stella climbing her way to 2nd place

Individual Results

We are very proud of all Team ABC Athletes who competed in the ABS 14 Youth National Championships! Here are Team ABC results from Finals. If they have a NT it means they made the National Bouldering Team:


Female D

Mia Manson 2013 ABS 14 National Champion Team ABC Boulder

National Champ Mia Manson with Alex Johnson

1. Mia Manson – 2013 National Champion!!! NT

2. Phoebe Dolan NT



Male D

3. Colin Duffy  NT

10. Liam O’Brien



Female C

2. Stella Noble  NT


Stella in finals

4. Ariana O’Brien  NT

6. Brooke Raboutou



Male C

5. Joe Goodacre



Female B

2. Margo Hayes  NT

4. Isabelle Goodacre  NT



Male B

3. Shawn Raboutou  NT



Female A

2. Megan Mascarenas  NT

5. Laurel Todd


Laurel Todd Team ABC Boulder 2013 ABS 14 National Championships

Laurel by Tom Condie


Male Junior

7. Michael O’Rourke

Michael O'Rourke Team ABC Boulder 2013 ABS 14 Youth Nationals

Michael O’Rourke

8. Matt Lubar



Great job ABC!!!

ABS 14 Nationals – Semifinals Results + Finals Running Order

Great job to all who competed in Semifinals today!

The semifinals round was 3 problems per category. The problems were apparently quite hard as most categories had very few sends from any climbers.

Here are the semis results from Team ABC athletes. The link at the bottom of each is to the full qualis and semis results for that category. Sends are noted.

Male Junior

1. Michael O’Rourke (3 tops, 2 flash)

7. Matt Lubar (2 tops, 1 flash)



Female A

2. Megan Mascarenas (2 tops, 1 flash)

7. Laurel Todd (1 top)



Male A

15. Austin Lankford (does not advance)



Female B

2. Margo Hayes (2 tops, 1 flash)

10. Isabelle Goodacre



Male B

1. Shawn Raboutou (flashed all 3 semis problems)



Female C

2. Brooke Raboutou (flashed all 3 problems! So tied with Ashima for 1st in Semifinals, but was 2 in qualifiers so in 2nd overall at the moment)

3. Stella Noble (flashed 2, did the 3rd 2nd try)

6. Ariana O’Brien (topped 2, flashed 1)



Male C

3. Joe Goodacre (did 2 problems, 1 flash)

14. Ray McVicker (does not advance)



Female D

1. Phoebe Dolan (the only person to flash a semis problem in this category)

2. Mia Manson (one of only 4 climbers to send a semis problem in this category)

15. Campbell Sarinopoulos (does not advance)



Male D

3. Colin Duffy (flashed 1 problem)

6. Liam O’Brien (flashed 1 problem)



Finals Running Orders

And approximate climbing times.

Male/Female Junior – ‎

Male/Female A – ‎

Male B/Female D – ‎

Male/Female C – ‎

Male D/ Female B – ‎


For more info check – ABS Nationals Homepage

Come to Colorado Springs tomorrow to support Team ABC in Finals!

Good Luck Team!!!

ABS Nationals – Qualifier Results!!! + Semis Running Orders

We’d like to congratulate all the members of Team ABC who competed in Qualifiers at the ABS 14 Youth National Championships. It took hard work and dedication to get here, and we are so proud of all of you!!!

Below we will list the quali results of all Team ABC climbers and give links to the full results for each category, should you like to read them. It may be a bit confusing to understand what exactly the results mean, so here is an example with the scoring explained.

 Male Junior

5. Michael O’Rourke – 2 tops, 43 points, 1 flash, 3 attempts to top, 6 attempts to high points

5. – he got 5th place

2 tops – he got to the top of two of the problems

43 points – each hold on each problem is worth one or two points (depending on whether you match). The top hold is always worth two points. There are 4 qualifier problems, so say problem 1 is worth 9, problem 2 is worth 17, problem 3 is worth 14, and problem four is also worth 13, then total possible points would be 9 + 17 + 14 + 13 or 53 points possible for the round. (These numbers are not exactly what they were in the comp, but no one finished all the problems so I’m not sure actual max possible score). In scoring the order of rank is by tops, then by total points. You earn points for problems you top and for problems you just climb on. Basically they’re looking at who did the most problems, then at who got the highest on most problems. At ABS 14 Adult Nationals last week, Megan took 4th overall, but she had the 2nd highest point value after finals. She took fourth because the competitors ahead of her topped more problems (‎see for yourself).

1 flash – he did one problem 1st try

3 attempts to top – this includes flashes (1 attempt) and other attempts, so if he has 1 flash and did 2 problems, it took him 2 tries to do the other problem so 3 total attempts to get his 2 tops.

6 attempts to high points – how many tries it took him to get to his highest scored holds (including tops), SO if he has 3 attempts to 2 tops, then it took him 3 tries to get to the highpoints on his other 2 problems, meaning 1 attempt to high point on one problem and 2 attempts on the other.

The idea of the scoring system is to see who did the best in terms of climbing the highest the fastest. Finishing one problem is worth more than just climbing high on all 4 but not finishing any because in climbing finishing the route or problem is what matters. After that they go back to how high you got on the others, how fast you got to the top, and how fast you got your highpoints.

Hope this helps explain the bouldering scoring system, as, though it makes logical sense, it can get confusing.

Below are the scores from the Qualifying Round for all Team ABC climbers who competed. Around the top 15 (depending on the category) will go to semis, if a climber does not advance it will be noted.

Qualifier Results


Male Youth D

4. Colin Duffy – 3 tops, 57 points, 2 flashes, 5 attempts to tops, 16 attempts to points

7. Liam O’Brien – 2 tops, 56 points, 2 flashes, 7 attempts to points

Full Quali Results MYD – ‎


Female Youth D

1. Phoebe Dolan – 2 tops, 61 points, 2 flashes, 5 attempts to high points

3. Mia Manson – 2 tops, 54 points, 2 flashes, 5 attempts to high points

12. Campbell Sarinopoulos – 1 top, 40 points, 1 flash, 8 attempts to high points

Full Quali Results FYD – ‎


Male Youth C

3. Joe Goodacre – 3 tops, 56 points, 3 flashes, 4 attempts to high points

14. Ray McVicker – 1 top, 46 points, 1 flash, 6 attempts to high points

18. Mateo Gallegos – 1 top, 44 points, 1 flash, 10 attempts to points (does not advance, but so close!)

Full Quali Results MYC – ‎


Female Youth C

2. Brooke Raboutou – 4 tops, 67 points, 3 flashes, 8 attempts to tops (just 3 attempts behind Ashima, they were the only 2 in their category to top all 4 problems)

11. Ariana O’Brien – 3 tops, 64 points, 2 flashes, 6 attempts to top, 9 attempts to points

12. Stella Noble – 3 tops, 63 points, 2 flashes, 8 attempts to tops, 13 attempts to points

17th (tied). Ravelle Nelson – 3 tops, 54 points, 2 flashes, 4 attempts to tops, 5 attempts to points (unfortunately Ravelle and the girl she tied with are the first 2 out of semis. This round was so close!)

Full Quali Results FYC – ‎


Male Youth B

1. Shawn Raboutou – 3 tops, 50 points, 3 flashes, 4 attempts to points (only one in his category to climb 3 problems)

17. Malcolm Oliver – 1 top, 26 points, 2 attempts to top, 5 attempts to points (does not advance)

Full Quali Results MYB – ‎


Female Youth B

1. Margo Hayes – 4 tops, 68 points, 4 flashes (tied with Sidney Trinidad of Vertical World)

4. Isabelle Goodacre – 3 tops, 64 points, 3 flashes, 4 attempts to high points

31. Ivy Todd – no tops, 33 points, 6 attempts to high points (does not advance to semis)

Full Quali Results FYB ‎-


Male Youth A

11. Austin Lankford – 1 top, 36 points, 1 flash, 7 attempts to high points

26. Remi Arata – no tops, 31 points, 8 attempts to high points (does not advance to semis)

Full Qualis Results MYA – ‎


Female Youth A

1. Megan Mascarenas – 4 tops, 58 points, 3 flashes, 7 attempts to top, 7 attempts to high points

14. Laurel Todd – 1 top, 42 points, 1 flash, 7 attempts to high points

Full Qualis Results FYA – ‎


Male Junior

5. Michael O’Rourke  –  2 tops, 43 points, 1 flash, 3 attempts to top, 6 attempts to high points

10. Matt Lubar  –  1 top, 40 points, no flashes, 2 attempts to top, 14 attempts to high points

Full Qualis Results Male Junior – ‎


Links to all results and Semifinals Running Orders:

ABS Nationals Homepage Quali Results Lists


Semis are today.


ABS 14 Youth Nationals!


The ABS 14 Youth National Championships is taking place this weekend in Colorado Springs.

‎View the Event Schedule Here

Qualifiers are today, and you can view the running orders here:

ABS Nationals Homepage

For those who make it through, Semifinals are on Saturday and Finals are on Sunday.

The kids have worked hard and trained hard to earn their invitations to this prestigious event, and we want to repay their commitment with the full support of our coaches, team members, and parents. If you have time, come down to Colorado Springs and support Team ABC at the American Bouldering Series National Championships!!!


New Profile for Elite Team Athlete Tristin Crane

Tristin Profile Pic

Tristin Crane last summer in Spain

We are thrilled that Tristin was able to re-join Team ABC. He doesn’t live in Boulder, so practice is a bit more of a commute for him, and we are very glad to have him back! Click the photo to see his new profile.

ABS 14 Open (Adult) Nationals Final Results

Garrett on Men's Open Final 2

Garrett using good technique on Men’s Open Final 2

We are extremely proud to share that both Coach Garrett Gregor and Elite Team Athlete Megan Mascarenas earned 4th place finishes at ABS 14 Open Nationals! This means Garrett and Megan are both on the US National Team!!!

Megan flashing W Q 3

Megan flashing Women’s Qualifier 3

This was Megan’s first-ever adult Nationals and Garrett’s highest Nationals placing ever.


Great job Megan!


Great job Garrett! 


You can see full results from the comp here – ABS Nationals Homepage

And see an album of event photos from Page Kuepper here – ABS NATIONALS FINALS

Women’s final rundown and more comp info here – ABS 14 Nationals – Media Links | The Spot Route Setting Blog


Thanks again to USA Climbing for throwing another great event.

We are looking forward to Youth Nationals next weekend.

Go Team ABC!!!