Team ABC offers several special camps each year. ABC camps will help kids climb indoors or out in a variety of settings and accompanied by some of the best youth coaches in the world and guest coaches including Lynn Hill.

To learn about the camps, including details and costs, or to sign up, please click on the Sign Up! link for the camp you are interested in below. Once at the sign up portal, scroll down if necessary to find the camp, and hover over the “more details” and “full schedule” italics near the camp names.

These camps will fill up and we recommend signing up as soon as you know you will be able to attend. Full camps will take a wait list, email the appropriate coach via the link for the camp here: ABC KIDS CLIMBING Portal

2014 Camps

Spring Break 2014

Shelf Road – 7 Day – March 23 – 29

Front Range – 5 Day – March 24 – 28

Front Range – Single Day Camps – March 24/25/26/27/28

Shelf Road – 3 day – March 27 – 29

Summer 2014

South of France Sport Climbing – June 14 – 21

Front Range Climbing – July 7 – 11

Front Range Climbing – July 28 – Aug 1

Front Range Climbing – August 11 – 15

More info and sign ups for all 2014 camps here!


Previous Camps

Summer 2013

Ropes Training with Lynn Hill, Obe Carrion, and Adam Brink  :  June 3 – 7

Adam’s Outdoor Camp  :  June 10 – 14

France Climbing Trip 1  :  June 22 – 29

France Climbing Trip 2  :  June 29 – July 6

Vedauwoo Climbing and Camping  :  July 18 – 21

Little Crusher Camp  :  July 22 – 26

Bouldering Outdoor Camp  :  July 29 – Aug 2

Adam’s Outdoor Camp  :  Aug 5 – 9

Tryout Training Camp  :  Indoor/Outdoor  :  Aug 12 – 16


Summer 2012

France June 2012 – see pictures

Spain June 2012 – see pictures

  1. Greetings Robyn,

    When is your next trip to The Red? My seven-year-old daughter is interested in attending an ABC camp. The Red is a 2.5 hour shot from our house, so we thought we’d drive down and meet the Group.

  2. Are your camps open to climbers from other areas? I have a 14 year old competitive climber who is interested in your 7 day shelf road camp, March 2014…I would be interested in learning more details please

  3. Hello, is possible to register the child from the Czech Republic at the camp south of france sport climbing camp? She gets almost 5 years, and I would like to put it somewhere on the climbing camp.

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