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Coach Garrett made it to Semis!

Congratulations to coach Garrett Gregor for making it through to ABS Nationals Semifinals tomorrow. Garrett completed 3 of his 5 qualifiers and is sitting in 20th going into semis. Out of the field of 61 competitors the top 23 will be going on to climb tomorrow. Nice job Garrett!

Full men’s quali results –

If you’re near Colorado Springs tomorrow make sure to stop by and cheer for Garrett and all the other climbers during semis and finals. See you there!

Sean McColl and French Team Training Camp at Didier and Robyn’s French Facility

Infamous Canadian climber Sean McColl has been spending a lot of time in Europe lately, and in preparation for upcoming ABS Nationals Sean attended a training camp with members of the French National Team. He wrote a nice blog post about the camp which is worth checking out.  Click the link or any of the photos.

St. Antonin Training Camp | Sean McColl

Part of the gym. Photo courtesy

Team ABC Van!


More Divisionals Photos!

Photographer Eric S Greenhalg has sent us some more photos that he took at ABS Divisionals at The Bloc. Here are a few of them, and to see more or order hi-res prints, please click the link at the bottom of the page.

Online gallery – ABS Youth Division2 Championship | Pictage

Photographer’s website –

Team ABC Site Update – Profile for Athlete Laurel Todd

New profile for Laurel Todd! Click her photo to check it out.

Team ABC Site Update – Profile for Athlete Ivy Todd

New profile for athlete Ivy Todd! Click the photo above to check it out.

Team ABC Site Update – Profile for Athlete Mia Manson

Profile for Mia is now up! Click her photo to check it out.

Team ABC Site Update – Profile for Athlete Max Manson

Profile for athlete Max Manson is now up! Click his photo to check it out.

Gladiator Finals Results

Official Results from The Spot Bouldering Series 7 Gladiator Finals have been posted, and you can see them here:

Team Ranking

Team ABC is once again in first place with 27 total competitors and 129 total team points. Below are the rankings for all members of Team ABC and ABC Kids who competed in The Gladiator Finals.


Youth D


1 – Brooke Raboutou

2 – Stella Noble

3 – Ariana O’Brien

4 – Phoebe Dolan

5 – Mia Manson

8 – Corrine Otterness

13 – Campbell Sarinopoulos

15 – Lydia Dolan

17 – Anna VonDungen

21 – Elle Middleton


1 – Joe Goodacre

3 – Liam O’Brien


Youth C


1 – Ivy Todd

3 – Lilian Friefield


1 – Ethan Kruteck

2 – Timmy Dolan

3 – Ray McVicker

5 – Max Manson


Youth B


1 – Megan Mascarenas (1st overall after Open final)

2 – Margo Hayes (Open finalist)

3 – Isabelle Goodacre (Open finalist)

6 – Kiana Ellis


2 – Malcolm Oliver


Youth A


1 – Laurel Todd


1 – Matt Lubar

3 – Stefan Lavender

4 – Nick Lyon


Nice job Team ABC and ABC Kids athletes!

Team ABC Site Update – Profile for Athlete Mateo Gallegos

Mateo Gallegos

New profile page for Team ABC Boulder athlete Mateo! Click the photo to check it out.