Team ABC Winter Indoor Picnic

So much fun tonight as parents climbed alongside their kids!

Beta from Team ABC athletes and refueling from a table of homemade desserts – Bring it on!

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Women Who Dare Book Signing at ABC Gym on February 3rd


Women Who Dare: North America’s Most Inspiring Women Climbers is a celebration of feminine beauty, athleticism, wisdom, and skill. The book profiles twenty of America’s most inspiring women climbers who tell their own climbing story highlighting personal challenges, accomplishments, and philosophy.

Join Team ABC on February 3rd from 6-7 pm at the ABC Climbing Gym to learn more about this special book from photographer Chris Noble and featured climbers Robyn Raboutou, Lynn Hill, Angie Payne and Alex Puccio.!/events/831941326822396/

Robyn Erbesfield-Raboutou and daughter Brooke Raboutou bouldering

Team ABC – ABS 15 Divisional Team Champions!


Team ABC was crowned Divisional Champions today in Tucson. 21 athletes advanced to the ABS National Finals which will be held at the end of February in Colorado Springs. Congratulations to Team ABC and all of the athletes who participated this weekend.

Results below (national finalists noted with *) -



1. Campbell Sarinopoulos*

5. Ella Von Dungen*


1. Colin Duffy*

2. Cody Stevenson*

4. Liam O’Brien*

9. Samuel Kuepper



1. Brooke Raboutou*

3. Mia Manson*

4. Arianna O’Brien*

5. Stella Noble*

7. Ravelle Nelson*

8. Phoebe Dolan*


1. Joe Goodacre*



9. Ivy Todd


4. Timmy Dolan*



1. Margo Hayes*

2. Megan Mascarenas*

3. Isabelle Goodacre*


6. Brian Huang*

7. Austin Lankford*

8. Pierce McCrerey



1. Laurel Todd*


3. Matt Lubar*

4. Remi Arata*

8. Stefan Lavender

ABS 15 Divisionals Qualifiers

The first day is complete at the ABS 15 Divisionals in Tuscon. It was a successful day with 25 Team ABC Athletes advancing to the finals tomorrow. Congratulations to all athletes for their hard work and dedication today! And good luck to the finalists tomorrow!

Full results below (finalists noted with*) -



4. Ella Von Dungen*

6. Campbell Sarinopolous*

13. Lydia Dolan

15. Kaelyn Harris -tie

15. Anna Von Dungen -tie


1. Colin Duffy*

2. Cody Stevenson*

4. Liam O’Brien*

10. Samuel Kuepper*



1. Stella Noble*

2. Brooke Raboutou*

4. Ariana O’Brien*

5. Ravelle Nelson*

6. Mia Manson*

9. Phoebe Dolan*


1. Joe Goodacre*

13. Mateo Gallegos



9. Ivy Todd*

11. Lillian Friefeld


1. Timmy Dolan*

12. Ethan Kruteck



1. Isabelle Goodacre*

2. Margo Hayes*

3. Megan Mascarenas*


5. Brian Huang*

6. Austin Lankford*

8. Pierce McCrerey*



2. Laurel Todd*


1. Matt Lubar*

7. Stefan Lavendar*

9. Remi Arata*

America’s Best Climbers (ABC) Pro Clinic – Regional Recap

On Sunday, December 8th Team ABC along with La Sportiva and Adidas Outdoors hosted a pro clinic open to all youth climbers who participated in the  ABS 15 Regional  competition.  The clinic focused on reviewing the competition performance and how to overcome challenges the climbers experienced the previous day.

Over 70 athletes participated  and eight local professional climbers donated their time: Angie Payne, Kasia Pietras, Alex Puccio, Nina Williams, Courtney Woods, Jon Cardwell, Matty Hong and Paul Robinson.  We are so thankful and appreciative for their support of the event which was featured in Monday’s Boulder Daily Camera

This day would not have been possible without the support of the sponsors and the professional climbers.

Thank you for an experience that was definitely enjoyed by all. Just check out the photos!


Matty Hong

Matty Hong

Alex Puccio discssing mental prep

Alex Puccio discssing mental prep

Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson

Nina WIlliams

Nina WIlliams

Angie Payne

Angie Payne

Courtney Woods beta

Courtney Woods 

Jon Cardwell

Jon Cardwell & Nina Williams

photos by Beau Kahler


Team ABC crowned ABS 15 Regional Team Champions

This past Saturday, the USAC ABS 15 Regional Championships was held at the ABC Climbing Gym. Team ABC had a very strong showing winning the Team Championships and qualifying 33 athletes for the Divisionals. Head coach Robyn Raboutou commented “The support our athletes receive is what  gives them the winning edge. While the athletes performed their best in their climbing it is the parents and volunteers who did the heavy lifting behind the scenes. We are so thankful for the positive attitude and energy of everyone involved with Team ABC and know we showcased these qualities as  the hosts of this significant event. Congratulations to everyone involved!”

Lydia Dolan -  FYD 2nd place

Lydia Dolan -
FYD 2nd place

Here are the final results for all Team ABC athletes (divisional qualifiers are noted with D):


1. Campbell Sarinopolous (D)

2. Lydia Dolan (D)

3. Anna Von Dungen (D)

4. Ella Von Dungen (D)

7. Kaelyn Harris (D)

10.  Olivia Kosanovich

11. Margaux D’Amato


1. Colin Duffy (D)

2. Cody Stevenson (D)

3. Liam O’Brien (D)

6. Samuel Kuepper (D)

12. Tyg Guggenheim

Ravelle - 4th place

Ravelle – 4th FYC


1. Brooke Raboutou (D)

2. Stella Noble (D)

3. Ariana O’Brien (D)

4. Ravelle Nelson (D)

5. Mia Manson (D)

6. Phoebe Dolan (D)

10. Corrine Otterness

12. Bella Weksler

20. Jasmine Mosberger


1. Joe Goodacre (D)

7. Mateo Gallegos (D)


Focused - Lillian Friefeld

Focused – Lillian Friefeld 1st FYB


1. Lillian Friefeld (D)

5. Ivy Todd (D)



Timmy - 1st MYB

Timmy – 1st MYB

Ethan - 2nd MYB

Ethan – 2nd MYB


1. Timmy Dolan (D)

2. Ethan Kruteck (D)

9. Tristan Crane

16. Cubby Guggenheim

20. Ray McVicker


1. Megan Mascarenas (D)

2. Margo Hayes (D)

3. Isabelle Goodacre (D)


Shawn on the slab

Shawn on the slab – 1st MYA


1. Shawn Raboutou (D)

2. Brian Huang (D)

3. Pierce McCrery (D)

4. Austin Lankford (D)

19. Jaime Cantarovici


1. Laurel Todd (D)


Remi - 3rd MYJ

Remi – 3rd MYJ


2. Matt Lubar (D)

3. Remi Arata (D)

4. Stefan Lavendar (D)

6. Uli Fernandez (D)

9. Mike Bartley


Photos by Beau Kahler Photography


ABS Regional Championships Final Running Order

For the Final ABS Regional Championship Running Order, click here for the Colorado Regional page on USA Climbing. All competitors must be in ISO prior to closing time for their category. Please report to ISO directly at the Spot.

ABS Preliminary Running Order

To access the USAC ABS Regional Championship Preliminary running order, click here

ABS Regional Championship Information

We are excited to host the USAC ABS Regional Championships on Saturday, December 7th. Details for running order and competition flow will be updated with specific climber slots as the data is verified. Climbing start & ISO times are approximate and subject to change.

 Competitors must be in ISO ½ hour prior to their climbing start time. All athletes should report to ISO at The Spot. The athletes will be walking outside from The Spot gym to the ABC Gym, so please make sure they dress appropriately.
  • MYD & MYC
    • ISO opens 6:30 AM, closes 7:30 AM
    • 1st climber starts @ 8:00 AM
  • FYD
    • ISO opens 8:10 AM, closes 9:10 AM
    • 1st climber starts @ 9:40 AM
  • FYC
    • ISO opens 8:30 AM, closes 9:30 AM
    • 1st climber starts @ 10:00 AM
  • MYB
    • ISO opens 9:25 AM, closes 10:25 AM
    • 1st climber starts @ 10:55 AM
  • FYB
    • ISO opens 11:10 AM, closes 12:10 PM
    • 1st climber starts @ 12:40 PM
  • MYA
    • ISO opens 11:55 AM, closes 12:55 PM
    • 1st climber starts @ 1:25 PM
  • FYA
    • ISO opens 1:35 PM, closes 2:35 PM
    • 1st climber starts @ 3:05 PM
  • MJR
    • ISO opens 2:15 PM, closes 3:15 PM
    • 1st climber starts @ 3:45 PM
  • MJR
    • ISO opens 2:15 PM, closes at 3:15 PM
    • 1st climber starts @ 3:45 PM
  • FJR
    • ISO opens 3:15 PM, closes 4:15 PM
    • 1st climber starts @4:45 PM
On-sight ABS Regional Format
6 Problems, 5 Minute Climb, 5 Minute Rest
The final running order and schedule of events will be posted here and on the USAC Regional page on or before EOD Wednesday, Dec. 5th.
All athletes MUST complete waivers for both The Spot  & ABC Gym.  You can download the ABC waiver in advance and bring with you to the competition. A parent must be available to complete the waivers on-site if you do not complete in advance.  We do not want to turn away an athlete due to a lack of waivers.
Due to large number of competitors, we are requesting that all athletes and parents exit the gym at the completion of their category. Award ceremony for all categories will be held at the end of the day @ 6:30 PM.

If you are interested in volunteering, please go to the USAC Regional page for more information and to register as a volunteer.

Comida food truck will be on site from 11 AM- 3 PM serving burritos and tacos for those looking to grab an easy lunch. Other area coffee shops & restaurants within walking distance include Vic’s Coffee; The Walnut Cafe; Twisted Pine Brewery & Casa Alvarez.

On Sunday, December 8th all regional athletes are invited to join us for the 1st ABC Pro Clinic: Regional Recap. Athletes will have the chance to work with Pro Climbers from 12-2 to review the routes from the comp. This is complimentary but we are requesting pre-registration. Click here for more information

Look forward to seeing you all on Saturday!



Join Team ABC for the World Premiere of Exposure Vol. 1!

We are excited to announce that Team ABC is a proud local sponsor of Exposure Vol. 1! To help celebrate the most cutting-edge climbing film of the season, we are going to be representing at the World Premiere at the Boulder Theater on November 20th. Still need tickets? Swing by the front desk at Boulder Theater and purchase them for $13, or go online and pay $15 on the Boulder Theater’s website

Want a preview – check out the trailer and see you on November 20th!